Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, November 9, 2022

  • I try not to dream about things. Doing so is an invitation to disappointment. I get this mindset from my mother. But I do try to learn a lesson from any misfortune and make everything a teachable moment.
  • Somewhat related to what I wrote above, I used to love watching DIY shows and videos and trying to do things myself. Walking into a Lowes or Home Depot made my heart flutter. But since I now live in a rent house and can’t do any remodeling or DIY stuff, I don’t bother watching that stuff anymore. Watching that stuff just reminds me of what I can no longer do. One day, I hope to be blessed to own my own home.
  • My favorite Phil Collins songs are Invisible Touch, Groovy Kind of Love, Take Me Home, Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now), You Can’t Hurry Love, and everything else in his catalog. I have a rule when radio surfing in the car. If I land on Phil Collins song, I stop, because the odds are I’m not going to find anything better. Hmmm, I need to revisit I Don’t Care Anymore.
  • I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged as of late. Thankfully, a friend texted me out of the blue. I really like this guy. I admire him, and wish I could spend more time with him. I guess we just never really commit to hanging out. He’s the kind of guy that will always put a smile on your face. We’re miles apart in some of our thinking, especially politics. Heck, that’s why he texted me, he wanted to tease me about Beto’s loss. This is when I have to remember something my father taught me – you only tease the ones you love. I have a lot of conservative friends. I do live in Texas, after all. I’m thankful they all see past politics and accept me as I am, warts and all. Going back to that friend. After the teasing, he offered up some words of affirmation and encouragement that warmed my soul.
  • It’s a bit frustrating (yet peaceful to accept) to know that this one friend has encouraged and affirmed me more over a handful of years than my ex ever did throughout our entire marriage. He has let me know that I deserved better for how I loved, provided for, and protected my family. He helped me understand that my ex was never really in love with me, that she was more wanting to add to her family instead of start one with me. Those are some strong currents to swim against.
  • Next week will mark the 15th anniversary of MomGeeding’s death. Some of you can recall me blogging about that event. So, for some of you, the answer is, yes, you have been reading this blog for quite a while now.
  • In France, all large parking lots now have to be covered by solar panels
  • Bono’s new book is more than a rock star memoir. It’s also a powerful tribute to America
    • I enjoyed this section about him having lunch with Johnny Cash: As Bono sat at the kitchen table, he listened as Cash delivered “the most poetic grace I’ve ever heard.” Then Cash, “smiling under his breath, as if June couldn’t hear or see,” ended his grace with, “Sure miss the drugs, though.”
    • Even his faith connects religious elements that don’t normally intersect. In some book passages he sounds like an evangelical Christian, displaying a deep familiarity with scripture and a reverence for Christ. And yet he also says that he’s never found a church he could call home, and “that what the human spirit longs for may not be corralled by any sect or denomination.” “It’s not just that some of the finest people I’ve known don’t subscribe to any particular faith tradition; it’s more that people who openly profess faith can be — how shall I put this? — such a pain in the arse,” he writes.
    • U2 fans have long speculated about Bono’s spiritual beliefs. Near the end of his memoir, he defines himself as a flawed but genuine “follower of Christ who can’t keep up.”
  • No one, not even Adam West, Clark Gable, Chris-Chris, or Paul Newman, could make a Space Force uniform look cool.
  • optiCutter – This website allows you to input the dimensions of a sheet of material (e.g. 4×8 plywood) and the dimensions of cuts for panels you need to make. Then automatically calculates the best layout for minimal waist and fewest cuts.
  • – Both Democrats and Republicans misremember events surrounding the Capital riot, but in strikingly different ways
    • A false memory is when a person remembers an event that never actually happened or that happened much differently than they recall. Such memories can be biased to support a person’s worldview. For example, evidence suggests that people are more likely to endorse false memories that support their political ideology.
  • Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.
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