Bag of Randomness for Thursday, November 10, 2022

  • Yesterday, I received a phone call from the hospital I had my surgery at back in December of last year. They claim I owe them over $3,000 and wanted to know how I would pay. I started to question the charges and asked why are they contacting me 11 months after the surgery and not sooner. They claim to have sent bills, but I ain’t received a single one. So, I asked them to verify the address. The rep was hesitant and again asked how I wanted to pay. We had a back and forth of sorts, and she finally verified my address. Again, she explained multiple bills have been sent and it would have been detailed in my Explanation of Benefits from my insurance. I logged on to my insurance’s website and saw nothing there which reflects anything she said. I explained to the rep that it’s a bit strange to get a phone call out of the blue asking for me to pay something expensive and immediately, and abruptly hung up on her, which I felt bad for doing so. Because, when I looked up the hospital’s phone number and called their billing department, they were able to verify the balance, but said “something” doesn’t look right, so she was going to get “somebody to research it” and I’d get a phone call “later.” ¡Ay, caramba! I hate our healthcare system.
  • Last month I was doing a bit of cleaning and started to throw a bunch of “old” paperwork away. Some of what I threw away dealt with my surgery back in December of last year. I figured by now, everything should be taken care of, and there’s no need for me to hold on to it anymore. I was so proud of myself for not being a hoarder anymore. Now, I’ve got me some regrets.
  • One way to goat me into losing my temper is talk over me when I’m talking, or interrupt me when I’m talking. I take it as such a huge sign of disrespect. I also realize it’s a weakness and it’s something I’m working on.
  • As a liberal, when it comes to Texas politics, I can see why conservatives are willing to vote for Abbott and Patrick. But Paxton and the corruption boggles me. But then again, Hershel Walker and Trump boggles me. I guess people choose to what they want to believe and the truth no longer matters. The truth, no longer matters.
  • Attractive female students no longer earned higher grades when classes moved online during COVID-19
  • Pennsylvania state lawmaker Tony DeLuca re-elected despite dying last month
    • Stories like these reminds me of when I first became aware of John Ashcroft. He lost a U.S. Senate race to a dead man. Then, President-Elect George W. Bush, nominated him to be our country’s next U.S. Attorney General. Per Wikipedia (the last sentence is a kicker):
      • In the midst of a tight race, Carnahan died in an airplane crash three weeks prior to the election. Ashcroft suspended all campaigning after the plane crash. Because of Missouri state election laws and the short time to election, Carnahan’s name remained on the ballot. Lieutenant Governor Roger B. Wilson became governor upon Carnahan’s death. Wilson said that should Carnahan be elected, he would appoint his widow, Jean Carnahan, to serve in her husband’s place; Mrs. Carnahan stated that, in accordance with her late husband’s goal, she would serve in the Senate if voters elected his name. Following these developments, Ashcroft resumed campaigning. Carnahan won the election 51% to 49%. No one had ever posthumously won election to the Senate, though voters had on at least three occasions chosen deceased candidates for the House of Representatives. Ashcroft remains the only U.S. Senator defeated for re-election by a dead person.
  • Wisconsin nurse accused of amputating patient’s foot without permission, wanting to display it at taxidermy shopMary K. Brown, 38, allegedly told other nurses she wanted to preserve and display the foot with a sign that said, “Wear your boots kids.”
  • Legally blind Florida man arrested when cane is confused for a gun
  • Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of Allure looking very provocative, but it’s been so photoshopped or AI made her look like a cousin of Jennifer Aniston and Iggy Pop.
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