Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, November 1, 2022

  • It’s November. I guess this is where we overlook Thanksgiving and skip straight to Christmas.
  • The NFL was a slightly better league when there were barefoot kickers and punters.
  • DaughterGeeding was kind enough to call me after trick-or-treating with her brother. She didn’t intend on dressing up, she feels a little old for that, but at the last minute dressed up as Taylor Swift. I had the kids last year for Halloween, but not this year, and I expect it to be the last one in which they dress up. Last year, I invited their mother to be a part of trick-or-treating, but she never replied. I have this belief that no parent should be left out of a life event or tradition. I did send her a few photos of them dressed up in their gear last Halloween, and she seemed thankful, but she didn’t return the favor.
  • I miss playing the random pickup basketball game in my driveway with the kids.
  • BoyGeeding was rubbing the dog’s belly the other day and said, “Dad, I just want OtherDogGeedingII to know he’ll be remembered.”
  • I think Governor Abbott has an unlimited campaign budget, at least from all the commercials I’ve seen or heard on the television and radio.
  • No thanks – Company offers the chance to be buried alive for €58,000The “full immersion” package is designed to renew a person’s “desire to live”
  • Will Ferrell backs Beto O’Rourke after canvassing with him in Texas
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