Bag of Randomness for Halloween 2022

  • Life was better when the World Series didn’t fall into November. Heck, this World Series is tough to watch if you are a Dallas resident, as we typically don’t cheer on teams from Houston or Philadelphia.
  • Graham Norton’s most recent show had both Taylor Swift and Bono on as guests. There’s no telling how many parents and their teenage girls bonded over this one episode. I know I did with my daughter. It was nice to hear the both were talking about a collaboration.
  • GM unveils $30,000 electric SUV that will be one of the cheapest EVs available
  • Julia Roberts says Martin Luther King Jr. paid the hospital bill for her birth. That’s cool and all, but I think that Coretta Scott King babysat Jonathan Lithgow cooler. To round things out, here’s Samuel L. Jackson writing about how he became an usher at MLK’s funeral.
  • Nose Picking Could Increase Risk for Alzheimer’s and DementiaThe Chlamydia pneumoniae bacteria can travel directly from olfactory nerve in the nose and into the brain, forcing brain cells to deposit amyloid beta and inducing Alzheimer’s pathologies. Researchers say protecting the lining of the nose by not picking or plucking nasal hairs can help lower Alzheimer’s risks.
  • New way to travel could be coming to DFW—Plano takes next step to consider possibilities
    • Imagine this: a self-driving vehicle that runs on a track suspended overhead. Riders choose when to board and where they want to go, and their personal vehicle, or pod, will transport them directly, with no stops along the way. These JPods, as they are called, have been likened to a modern gondola system or a tram, but passengers won’t be sharing their ride with strangers (unless they want to). The pods hold four to six people. The vehicles run on electricity and are powered by solar. The tracks would be built within a roadway’s existing right of way, so there’s no extra land needed.
  • In case you are wondering why Jake from The Ticket is taking some time off:

  • This was pretty impressive. At the start of this video, Micah Parsons is in the center of the screen. He almost sacks the quarterback, who is able to get the pass off. Parsons never quits hustling, and not only almost tackles the receiver, he recovers the fumble and takes it in for a touchdown. If I were a football coach, I’d show this to my players and prove to them why to always go full blast until the whistle blows.

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