Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, October 25, 2022

  • The What’s App carrier pigeon commercial was funny to me one time, and now that commercial seems overplayed. Make it go away, please.
  • The NBC Election Tracker says 95% of voters in Texas are over 65. And you wonder why this state is going to stay red for so long.
  • On last night’s Monday Night Football, it was revealed Peyton Manning is coaching his 11-year-old’s football team. It was be neat for any parent coaching against him.
  • Former President Obama was on The Manning cast last night. As much as I love the guy, he’s got no hot sports opinons.
  • I voted yesterday. Even with the downpour I had to wait a little bit in line.
  • Anybody remember the Google Reader? It was a great feed aggregator. I miss the heck out of that sucker.
  • A different type of  sky pollution – Space ads could earn $2 million a day, say Russian researchers – They claim a three-month ad would pay for itself in one month.
    • “As unrealistic as it may seem, we show that space advertising based on 50 or more small satellites flying in formation could be economically viable,” they write in the journal Aerospace.
  • He was looking for his beach hat to take to Cancun – Ted Cruz Hid in Supply Closet During Jan. 6, New Book Reveals
    • A supply closet doesn’t make it sound so bad.
  • Bono Issues Another Apology for U2’s iTunes Album Debacle in New Memoir: ‘I Take Full Responsibility’
  • This is a real photo and article on CNN, I thought it was a piece from The OnionRats with backpacks could help rescue earthquake survivors
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