Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

  • Several years ago, a long-time reader and someone I highly respect sent me a book about going through a midlife crisis. I appreciated the gift, but totally didn’t understand why he gifted me the book. I guess that showed his wisdom. He was just a few years too early.
  • I was texting with a female friend about how I never felt I was a priority in my ex’s life. She asked for an example, and I told her from the moment we were married, literally. When my ex walked down the aisle at our wedding, she never, not even once, made eye contact with me. My friend’s reply meant a lot to me, “So I could imagine her not looking at you like you’re the only one in the room would definitely hurt.” Thankfully, somebody else gets it. Should I get married again and my bride walks down the aisle without looking at me, I will literally walk down that aisle right out the door and into my car and drive as far as my short-range electric car will take me.
  • I think my ex loved this former Baylor president than she ever did me – Ken Starr, independent counsel who pursued Clinton, dies
  • Texas courthouses are beautiful. If you like them, then you’ll appreciate this interactive map – 254 Texas County Courthouses
  • I have some OCD tendencies, but I had no idea how much of a struggle it can be for others. I’m sure a lot of people keep quiet because they are embarrassed or ashamed they even have some of these thoughts. –  5 Taboo and Very Common OCD Obsessions
    • What is not commonly represented, but frequently experienced by those with OCD, is the taboo nature of the disorder: pedophile obsessions, postpartum obsessions, incest obsessions, bestiality obsessions, necrophilia obsessions, violent obsessions, and more. Some with OCD are not afraid of germs, but of their own brain that produces unwanted sexual or violent thoughts about kids, family members, animals, dead bodies, etc.
  • Why this Christian leader says Texas’ ‘In God We Trust’ sign debate is symbolic of ‘Christian nationalism’
    • Amanda Tyler is a Christian – a Baptist, in fact. She’s also a Texan who grew up in Austin. But she says intertwining Christianity with American values is problematic and that the Jan. 6 insurrection is an example of that. Tyler, the lead organizer of Christians Against Christian Nationalism and the leader of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, spoke with Texas Standard.
  • Cheating butthole – Player at St. Louis Chess Cup Accused of Using Anal Beads To Cheat
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