Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, September 13, 2022

  • With the recent death of Queen Elizabeth, many have stated that she never met LBJ. But, here’s photographic evidence of her with Lady Bird Johnson on the University of Texas campus (I know, people are referring to LBJ the president). She also visited Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. I can’t find any record if she spent anytime driving on I35.
  • I wonder how much her death has impacted (positively) the British economy.
  • The Queen (and now the King) owned a McDonald’s.
  • When I was in the sixth grade, I did a book report on Prince Charles. He had to do an oral presentation, and I did mine in a British accent. Funny thing, I didn’t plan on doing it that way, it only came to mind the second I got up from my desk and walked to the front of the classroom.
  • I tuned into Monday Night Football to see/hear Aikman and Buck. Unless I missed something, there was no big Monday Night intro with that classic music.
  • For a while, the NFL, on opening weekend, would have two games on Monday night. They didn’t last night, and that’s how it should be..
  • Nothing annoyed my mother more in football than seeing a player about to score and for them to look over their shoulder to see if anyone is close by. She would explain that looking over your shoulder slows you down, just keep running as fast as you can until you are in the endzone. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.
  • In my continued effort to work improving Keith 1.5 onward to Keith 2.0, I attended a social engagement at church. The goal was to a find a small group. That’s just a small group of people you get together with and meet outside the church. They give you a chance to fellowship, and get to know others more than just the small talk on Sundays. I had several criteria. One, I out of respect for my ex, I don’t want be in one that she selects. Most meet Sunday evening, but I want to meet during the week. Not only is that when I’m most lonely and have free time, but I selfishly want to spend my Sunday’s watching football. The last criteria was to find one that meets when I don’t have the kids. Thankfully, one group met the criteria, and they only had room for one additional person. The only roadblock is that they meet on a weekday in which I have my kids, but they are all willing to change their meetup schedule to accommodate me. Keith 1.0 would feel bad so many people are changing their well-established schedule and I’d feel like a nuisance. Keith 1.5 embraces the grace and feels warm inside because there are people who actually want me in their lives. Now, it would be helpful if there were some hot chicks in the group, but I’m grateful for what I get. All are near retirement age, and that means there’s a lot of wisdom for me to partake.
  • I wonder if Buckingham Palace has any drywall in it.
  • Why does Jerry Jones no longer roam the sidelines during the game? I’m not saying I like it, but what caused him to stop?
  • Oklahoma Inmate Forced To Listen to ‘Baby Shark’ on a Loop Found Dead
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