Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 4, 2022

  • I can easily remember the year my father died, but have the hardest time with the year my mother died. Wow, time flies. She died in 2006, so it’s been about 16 years I’ve been an orphan. Perhaps I need to put that in my dating profile. There will never be in-law drama.
  • One of DaughterGeeding’s teachers emailed all the parents of her grade, but didn’t put the email addresses in the BCC line. Some parents feel the need to Respond All. Those parents are like some coworkers I used to work with, and they annoyed me. There’s no reason why everyone needs to see that you replied “Thank you for the information” or “Sounds great, thanks!” That’s going to cause some parents to think that if they don’t Reply All, they are being disrespectful and now my inbox is going to be full of a bunch of brown-nosing unsubstantive replies.
  • I don’t get what people see in Gordon Ramsay. Granted, I’ve watched none of his shows, but every commercial makes him out to be a rude and loud jerk. Who would want that negativity in their lives?
  • Two of the last three women who have reached out to me on dating apps are working on their PhD. It’s an interesting world out there.
  • No Cellphones Allowed in New Fort Worth RestaurantOwner Tim Love wants to create an atmosphere where diners pay attention to each other
  • Yesterday, Liberally lean wrote the following bullet point, “Did you know there’s a public database of you, your address, and whether you’ve voted in the general election over the years?” I did a search for my first and last name and was amused at the other people who are closely named like me.
  • This Aggie hurdler (Reddit) has a little sass. To see it, watch it in its entirety.
  • ‘Like I won $1 million’: Baytown family stunned their stolen dog ‘Sheba’ was found 5 years later
  • I don’t mean to come across as insensitive or disrespectful regarding how Babe is honoring his late son, but what happens to other cup of coffee? Really, does he drink it, pour it out, give it away? It’s an awesome thing he does, I just really want to know what does he end up doing with the extra cup of coffee?

  • Wrong minnow.

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