Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 19, 2022

  • This guide says we should clean the toilet every day. Eh, that’s excessive. Once a week is fine, just make sure to flush appropriately. Also, why do laundry every day?
  • A faithful reader sent me this article since I mentioned teens wearing hoodies and jackets in the summer. I’m fascinated by the weighted blanket theory, but here’s the skinny of the article:

  • Yesterday, Barry posted his opinion about a human trafficking article being misleading. Well, the woman I had dinner with last week is working on her PhD. in human trafficking at SMU. I was looking for a reason to reach out to her, so I took advantage of this opportunity. So, Barry ended up being an unintentional wingman. This woman is also a college professor who teaches U.S. history, and y’all know how much I love to explore U.S. history. It’s nice getting to know her. She’s just very busy and pretty reserved. But, there’s nothing wrong with taking it slow getting to know a new friend.
  • Barry is also making the early prediction that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will win the Republican nomination. I totally see that, and I think a perfect running mate would be Greg Abbott. However, Texas is already in the bag for whoever ends up being the Republican nominee, so there’s no real benefit of adding him to the ticket. The smart move for selecting a running mate is to find someone who doesn’t align with you perfectly, but someone who can bring in voters from outside the demographic of the person at the top of the ticket, and what electoral votes you can steal away from your opponent. So, I bet DeSantis will pick someone from a swing state that Biden won. The major swing states Biden won are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It’s early, but offhand, I’m going to say it will be former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. And that’s my arm-chair political pundit thought of the day.
  • I’m a fan of actress Aya Cash. It was a welcome surprise to find her in the new sitcom Welcome to Flatch.
  • There will be only a handful of street lights 75 years from now. With autonomous automobile technology on the rise, street lights will be replaced by roundabouts. – How roundabouts improve traffic safety and lower carbon emissions
    • The roundabouts keep vehicles flowing, but they also slow traffic down, and slower traffic makes the roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. Roundabouts don’t require electricity, so they continue to function during power outages and severe weather that can black out a traditional stoplight intersection.
  • Someone I once admired gave me this bit of advice: “The best time to look for a new job is when you don’t need to find a new job.” With that in mind, I’m job-hunting for the first time in over a decade. I love the company I work for and the people I work with, it’s just I loath this current project I’m on. Management is aware of my unhappiness, but right now, there’s nowhere to move me. Hopefully, I can find something like a project management business analyst role or something to do with training or being an instructor of sorts. For the last twelve years, I worked at the IRS for two government contracting firms. With my security clearance, I can probably find a similar role with another company, but I want to see what’s in the private sector. Before the IRS, I contracted at Southwest Airlines for two years, and before that, I worked at Fidelity Investments for nine. Maybe they will have me back, but off hand, I think I’d be a good fit at Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, with my IRS and finance background. I majored in finance, and my MBA’s focus was e-commerce. Here’s a rough draft of my CV or resume in PDF form if you are interested.
  • If you are not a fan of Jared Kushner, you’ll get a kick out of this NY Times book review – Jared Kushner’s ‘Breaking History’ Is a Soulless and Very Selective Memoir
  • A collection of non-physical compliments.
  • If I ever fall in love again, I’d like to make this pencil and give it to her. But, I have a feeling her second or third sentence would be, “Where did you buy it?”
  • “Learn to be alone, not everyone will stay.”
  • I almost loath him as much as I do Ted Cruz – Louie Gohmert leaves Congress having passed one law and spread countless falsehoods
    • Here he is literally acting like a child.
  • GREASE’ will return to AMC theaters this weekend. – Each ticket will cost $5 and $1 per every sold ticket will donated to breast cancer research.
  • I had a good time watching this, hope it brings a smile to your face.

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