Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 9, 2022

  • DaughterGeeding wanted me to cook one of her favorite meals, something I call Mexican sunshine. It requires browning some ground beef, and I thought it was a nice opportunity to teach her how to cook. We had fun. It was a great memory for me, I hope it will be for her.
  • DaughterGeeding and I watched the first game of the NCAA Softball Championship Game. I was curious why players were wearing green and purple ribbons. You may recall a player from James Madison succumbed to suicide, and the university cancelled the rest of the season. The school colors are green and purple, so other collegiate teams have been sporting ribbons of those colors in support of their softball peers.
  • I was cleaning up files on my computer yesterday and you have no idea how much joy it brought me to delete the La La Land soundtrack.
  • Good luck finding a new job Jack Del Rio.
  • I found this article yesterday and my life became a little more pleasant. I use Google Photos as a screen saver for the living room television and a handful of faces I’d rather see show up. The article addresses similar settings in other apps, as well – How to remove your ex from your digital life
    • Google Photos has similar functions where you can hide people & pets and even hide dates, so anniversaries won’t be a problem. In the Photos app, tap on your profile photo, go to Photo Settings, then choose Memories. Tap “Hide people & pets” and choose who you’d like to hide, and the same goes for dates.
  • 10-year-old Sutherland Springs church shooting survivor prepares for 31st surgeryRyland Ward still struggling with injuries as well as PTSD almost 5 years later
  • Man sues American Airlines claiming ‘hasty decision’ wrongfully put him in jail for 17 daysAn Arizona man sued American Airlines this week after, he claims, the carrier wrongfully identified him as a suspect in an airport burglary — leading to his arrest and what he called a harrowing 17-day stint in jail.
  • GEICO to pay $5.2M to woman who says she caught STD in former partner’s car
  • Velveeta launches nail polish that smells like cheese
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