Bag of Randomness for Thursday, May 5, 2022

  • I took yesterday off from blogging and didn’t tell anyone. Sorry.
  • Last summer, I heard Junior Miller of The TICKET talk about sitting at home and feeling irritated for no reason. He couldn’t figure out why, then he noticed the gas-powered leaf blower being operated by a lawn crew at a neighbor’s house turn off, and instantly realized it was the sound of the leaf blower. When I heard him go on and explain how irritating they are, I was relieved to know it wasn’t just me. I now live in a lower-income neighborhood, and most of my neighbors mow their own lawn and don’t use leaf blowers or use quieter battery-powered ones. In my old neighborhood, almost everyone used a lawn care service, and since I worked from home, I would hear the sound of the leaf blower all the time. And found it irritating. When you first notice it, you’ll be amazed at how much lawn care workers use leaf blowers in the most inefficient and ineffective way possible. I did a little research into the matter, and found certain HOAs and some cities have a decibel level they can’t go over, and many lawn care companies have switched to a less noisy battery powered option instead of the obnoxious gas-powered models.

    The noise is so unwelcome that more than 100 cities across the country including ones in CO, IL, MA, NJ, NY, TX, and VT imposed complete or partial bans on leaf blowers

    When you notice being irritated by a leaf blower, your mind will start playing tricks on you. You’ll get to the point in which you can’t tell the lawn care worker is operating one or not.

  • The ex called Tuesday morning saying BoyGeeding hurt his ankle and wanted to know if she should take him to our pediatrician or foot doctor. Granted, I haven’t examined him, but I said give it a few days, ice it, have him tough it out. Later I got this.

    So, I guess she had to find a substitute to leave class and take care of our boy. I’m not upset or triggered, but sharing an example of what I deal with. I’ll have to pay half of the bill from the doctor. Kids sprain ankles and joints all the time. Later that evening, he was playing soccer with a limp, but otherwise seemed fine.
  • My lawyer contacted me yesterday saying she has heard any update from me in a while. I’m like, yeah, I’m trying to save money. I don’t have a wealthy mother paying my legal expenses like my ex.
  • Apparently, one of DaughterGeeding’s softball teammates couldn’t attend yesterday’s game because she had batting lessons. I’m confused. Don’t you want to show those hitting skills off in a game?
  • I’m a P1 of CBS Sunday Morning. And for those of you wondering, I do attend church, I just record and watch it later. They had a segment on Maury Povich. He talked about his first marriage and said what many have heard from others, “The biggest mistake I’ve made was putting my job before my family. That was unconscionable.” On a personal level, what I’m struggling with, is that there’s so much about my job I don’t like, but everything about it benefitted my family, so I always put my family in front of career, and look what it got me. That’s one of the things I’m working through, thinking I did “everything” right but it still failed.
  • CBS Sunday Morning also had a great segment on the Switchblade “kamikaze” drone, which is built here and being used by the Ukraine army. It’s small and compact as it fits into that round canister on the right.A one-time-use unmanned aerial vehicle, the Switchblade drone is a powerful weapon that can dive bomb its targets, such as tanks and artillery nests, at a range of up to 30 miles. So far, 700 Switchblades – large and small – have been supplied to Ukraine for use against Russian forces. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin talks with the CEO of Switchblade manufacturer Aerovironment, Wahid Nawabi, who as a child in Afghanistan saw the effects of an invading Russian army – and the power of innovative defense technology.
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