Bag of Randomness for Thursday, May 12, 2022

  • A long-time loyal reader gave me a huge laugh yesterday afternoon. Y’all know how much I hate wind chimes. Oh, I loath them and can rant for days about it. To my surprise, he had Amazon deliver one to me. Bravo, great joke! I immediately sent him a thank-you text, and his reply was almost as good as the initial joke.
  • Random memory – Umbro shorts. I never wore any. I think they were more for girls.
  • Not only was this a gift within a gift, but the memories will last a lifetime – Northeast Philly Catholic school accidentally sold Mother’s Day flowers stuffed with thongs
    • St. Anselm School, at 12650 Dunks Ferry Road in the Parkwood neighborhood, which serves about 250 students from pre-K through eighth grade, mistakenly sold fake roses that had red thongs folded inside the flowers. One St. Anselm family shared the discovery on social media – and the mom and dad didn’t seem too upset by it.School officials explained that the roses were purchased under the impression that they were suitable for Mother’s Day. The school didn’t realize they were frisky Valentine’s Day gifts obviously intended for adults, and not ideal for an elementary school, let alone a Catholic school.
  • Ransomware has gone down because sanctions against Russia are making life harder for attackersThe number of ransomware attacks has gone down in recent months because sanctions against Russia are making it harder for cyber criminals to organise attacks and receive ransom payments, Rob Joyce, director of cybersecurity at the National Security Agency (NSA), has revealed. 
  • It’s such a sad and crazy world we live in – North Texas teen who went missing from Mavs game was advertised and sold for sex in Oklahoma City. Her family says many people could’ve stopped it.
  • This happened in Luxembourg, and I will sheepishly admit I thought was a city and not an entire country – Dance teacher asked to apply for “stripper, escort” position in job agency blunder
  • Unfortunately, there’s a paywall. I feel like the intro make help some of those who just don’t understand why some folks just love talking about BBQ – The unspoken legacy of Black barbecue: 12 D-FW restaurants that are ‘guarding tradition’
    • I’ve begun examining Black-owned restaurants with time-honored traditions in D-FW that have one singular focus, and in doing so I have rediscovered my familiarity with what perhaps is one of the South’s greatest exports — not cotton, not rice, but barbecue. For me, barbecue has always provided an intangible closeness with my family. We may not have been the best communicators, but I don’t think an argument ever continued over a plate of ribs. When words fail us, barbecue — or rather, the act of standing over a pit and watching the fire subside — has been an emotional pull that helps us recount our past.
  • I got a kick out of these series of tweets, and you will took if you have been keeping up with the costs of housing and familiar with pop-culture.

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