Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 13, 2022

  • Yesterday I attended an awards assembly at BoyGeeding’s school. When it was over, I heard one father chastise his son, “When you went on stage to get your award, why didn’t you look at me and your mother?” Poor kid.
  • The Seahawks pranked their players with a ridiculously unfair fake schedule
    • The Seattle Seahawks already knew they’d have a tough schedule with the most miles traveled of any NFL team this season. And when some Seahawks got word of additional details of their 2022 slate, they couldn’t believe how much tougher it really was. Four straight road games? No bye week after their trip to Germany? Playing on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day?
  • Trying to date again after being married for so long is weird. I don’t know if I’ll ever fully adjust to dating apps. I’ve been reluctant to reveal some of my insecurities on my dating profiles. For instance, I’m a liberal and a Christian, yet I live in Texas. I’m the blueberry in tomato soup. Off-hand, I’d think that would cause many ladies to swipe left. However, I recently updated my profile to include those facts and also added that they won’t catch me hunting, camping, or listening to country music. To my surprise, I’ve actually been contacted more in the last week than I have in the past year. One woman, who I feel is a bit out of my league, has a profile in which you’d think she’d prefer a guy who likes those things I don’t. Curios, I asked her what on my profile piqued her interest. Her response made me smile.
  • Speaking of politics and if I can add a little humor, I thought it was us dirty libs that were rigging elections – GOP staffers fired after possible ‘ballot harvesting’ operation found in Pa.
  • When it comes to texting and messaging apps, grammar and spelling don’t matter to me. But this response to a question made me smile because it reminded me of Arrested Development’s Buster Bluth.

  • Speaking of military branches – US Navy chief defends plan to scrap troubled warships even though some are less than 3 years old
    • “I refuse to put an additional dollar against a system that would not be able to track a high-end submarine in today’s environment,” Gilday told the committee. He said the main reason for the early retirement was that the anti-submarine warfare system on the ships “did not work out technically.” The decommissioning of the ships would save the Navy approximately $391 million, according to the service’s proposed FY23 budget. But that recoups only a fraction of the cost of the nine littoral combat ships, which totaled about $3.2 billion.
  • My ex would be capable of pulling such a stunt – Wife filled husband’s phone with child porn in attempt to get custody of children, Oklahoma police say
  • Earlier in this post, I used the word “piqued.” I first wanted to use “peaked” but according to this website, I would have been incorrect – Is It Peaked, Peeked Or Piqued My Interest?
  • For a while, when I was forced to create a new password, I’d reference things that I liked. However, it seemed whenever I did so, bad luck regarding those things would happen. For instance, when I used something Dak Prescott related, he broke his leg. When I to used 30 Rock references, the next week they announced the series was going to end. So, now that I’m divorced, all my passwords relate to my ex or a place she and her family worships as a golden calf.
  • Impressive physical feat by both the guy and the gal.

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