Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 28, 2022

  • I have no idea what happened to yesterday’s post. Last night I wanted to review something I wrote, and it wasn’t there. It was in response to something LiberallyLean wrote, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t come across as condescending. And if I did, I wanted to reach out and be respectful. Today, I wanted to add to that flow of thought, but I can’t find a trace of that post anywhere. It’s as if it never existed. Nothing is even in the Drafts folder. Weird. It would be too much work to replicate it, and I wouldn’t do justice even if I tried. Heck, I even linked to a bunch of sources. I used the above image of LBJ and Ike on the golf course for that post, and it was already uploaded, so I know I at least worked on the post and it wasn’t a dream.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before. I miss my kids like crazy when they aren’t with me. Yet, when we first get together, I get this weird anxiety around them. It’s hard to describe, but it feels like they are about to get snatched from me and I just start to miss them like crazy, even though they are right in front of me and we just got together. I hope my counselor can help me out with this, I should feel calm and peace when I first see my children, not any form of anxiety.
  • Our stupid divorce decree states when one of us moves, we have to send the other party a letter by certified mail informing them of the new address. It’s a bit of overkill, but I get it. My ex moved and sent me such a thing, and despite me always being home when the postal worker drops by and requesting for it to be redelivered, the certified mail was never delivered. So, the ex did the reasonable thing and sent me a message through our court ordered messaging app stating she tried to send me a certified letter of an address change, that it got returned, and she provided me with the updated address. I replied stating how I requested for it to be redelivered and it never was, and that there was no need for her to follow through delivering the letter since she provided me updated address through the court ordered messaging app. The following week, when I saw her at our daughter’s softball game, she brought up the certified mail being returned and asked what I wanted her to do with the letter. I told her I stand by my earlier statement, that there’s no need to follow through delivering the certified letter since I have her updated address. I thought this would be the end of it. But yesterday afternoon, after our daughter’s softball game, she chased me down with the letter in her hand and said she knows even though I said I didn’t want the letter; she wanted to give it to me. That made me feel very uncomfortable, like she was up to something, and felt the need to protect myself. So, I just put my hands in my pockets and politely but directly told her I didn’t want it and walked away. And she thought I didn’t let things go. Sheesh.
  • I am glad to hear longtime and loyal reader John is recovering well from his little trip to the ER.
  • I went to the bagel store yesterday. Instead of getting it to go, this time I ate it there. It didn’t bother me I didn’t get to speak to BagelGirl much, but I struck up a great conversation with a retired teacher who was altering a dress. She decided to do it at the bagel store because it was brighter in the store than her house, and she just wanted to be social. Because of her, I learned a lot about the history of Lewisville, and all of it was rather interesting. She asked, “So, what is it that you do?” I told her I’m just rebuilding my life after a very tough divorce, discovering new things about myself. I wish I could adequately describe the look of compassion on her face. She asked a few questions, and I provided some brief answers, and it was nice to see how a stranger can suddenly become interested in your life.
  • Speaking of rebuilding, other than Thanksgiving dinner for the kids, yesterday was the first time since my ex abandoned me and took thekids, I actually cooked dinner. I’ve done nothing but eat out (or not eat, due to stress) and warm stuff up. My definition of cooking means taking raw ingredients and applying heat, as opposed to popping a frozen lasagna into the oven. Granted, it was just spaghetti, but I’m working on focusing on small wins.
  • I ran across this macabre statement yesterday but it made me laugh. As far as I know, it’s not true, “Bob Barker died yesterday. He was crossing the street and was hit…BY A BRAND NEW CAR!”
  • Here’s an interesting lawsuit. It’s between two mermaid performers. One of them is a spell-casting witch married to a cop who allegedly abuses his authority. Of course, this is in Florida.
  • Migrants are thanking Gov. Greg Abbott for free bus rides to Washington, D.C.
    • Santo Linarte López, a migrant from Nicaragua, told the New York Times that although he doesn’t understand why Abbott paid for him to travel north, he was grateful since it got him closer to his final destination: North Carolina. “Imagine, how much would it cost to get from here to all the way over there,” López said, adding he only had $45 left of the $1,500 he had raised for his trip to the U.S.
  • I knew Carol Burnett look at Lucille Ball as a mentor, so I was sad when I read the following.
    • In a sad coincidence, Ball died, at age 77, on April 26, 1989 — Burnett’s birthday. “She would always send me flowers on my birthday,” Burnett said. “That afternoon, I got flowers from her that said, ‘Happy Birthday, kid.’”
    • For what it’s worth, my dad’s sister died on his birthday. He took it pretty hard. The day after my mom died, a package from her family in Vietnam arrived. That hit me pretty hard.
  • Something doesn’t seem right about this – Boeing Lost $1.1 Billion on Trump Air Force One Contract; CEO Regrets Deal
  • I wasn’t aware of this assassination attempt on Prince Charles. Granted, blanks were used. But I find it more surprising that the shooter became a lawyer (barrister) after serving his time. Chuck wasn’t phased at all.
  • I can not emphasize enough how much wide receiver gloves have advanced in technology that it makes catching a ball much easier than years past. Check them out the next time you are in a sporting goods store. Here’s an example. This guy wouldn’t be making those catches in the Eighties.

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