Bag of Randomness for Friday, April 29, 2022

    • I’m very appreciative of loyal reader David, who was able to find my lost post I wrote about yesterday. He cut and pasted it from his news aggregator and emailed it to me. It’s at the bottom of this post after the jump.
    • I believe there are two types of texters in this world. One is the type that will send you many short texts, one right after the other. The other will type one long text. I belong in the latter category.
    • I was pleasantly surprised to hear Trevor Reed, the former Marine recently freed from Russia, is back at home. When his parents were trying to get a meeting with President Biden during his visit to DFW, I thought the local news was setting things up to make Biden look cold hearted by not meeting with them. However, he did make time to call and talk to them and later met with them at the White House. I thought all of that was a bit of grandstanding and never thought it would amount to anything. But the world needs more optimists like Reed’s parents and fewer pessimists like me.
    • As I was walking BoyGeeding home from school, the bell for DaughterGeeding’s class rang. She darted out the door, and I heard her say something not very pleasant to one of her peers. She had no idea I was there, but her friends did, and they went, “Ohhhhh.” I didn’t do anything to embarrass her, but it was one of those moments I would have looked forward to sharing and discussing with her mother.
    • Thankfully, I’m not in debt. But with as little money as I have and the amount house prices and property tax have gone up, I truly wonder if I’ll be fortunate to own a home again. There is so much DIY stuff I miss doing. And, I miss the tiny upgrades I made around GeedingManor, like making a smart house and programming routines for certain items to do certain things throughout the day. But Bono once sang, “A  house doesn’t make a home.” So, I should just focus on the latter.
    • Today, the ex and I will meet with DaughterGeeding’s pediatrician. It’s the first time we’ll meet with a third-party post divorce. It would not surprise me one bit if her mother or sister showed up.
    • I do what I can not to ask about my ex, but the kids like to tell me what’s going on in her life. This weekend she’ll be traveling to Colorado. Last weekend, she was in Orlando at Universal Studios and the Magic Kingdom. I guess you can do those things after selling your house and not having to pay any legal fees because your mother footed the bill.
    • One of my new mentors told me something that I’ve been chewing on for days. We have a lot in common other than age, personality wise and with our divorces. He said he learned that most, if not all, of his divorce problems could have been solved by surrendering to acceptance.
    • Facepalm – Lakota school board member accidentally posts ‘porn’ link while advocating for abstinence
    • ‘No one is immune or exempt’: Sheriff arrests his own daughter for meth trafficking
    • You do not know how good it feels to be blogging again. It’s a brief return to normalcy, stress relieving, and makes me feel I have a purpose and can make a little difference in someone’s life.
    • I feel very fortunate to be living in this era. My parents still owned a black-and-white television when I was born, and I got to see the birth of the personal computer, HDTV, and the internet. I remember in college one of my friends being in awe someone in the dorm had just bought a computer with a one-gig hard drive. I thought about that when I read this story.
      • Two-inch diamond wafers could store a billion Blu-Ray’s worth of data
        • Researchers in Japan have developed a new method for making 5-cm (2-in) wafers of diamond that could be used for quantum memory. The ultra-high purity of the diamond allows it to store a stagger
        • ing amount of data – the equivalent of one billion Blu-Ray discs. Diamond is one of the most promising materials for practical quantum computing systems, including memory.
      • That story also made me think of something my best friend Jimi told me. Most teens and young adults have no idea the origin or the story of the save icon.
    • Intimidation.

Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 27, 2022

  • LBJ and Ike don’t seem to be having a fun golf outing.
  • I don’t like to eat cold pizza. Lately, I’ve been warming up leftover pizza using the toaster. It makes for a crispier reheat.
  • Yesterday, LiberallyLean stated it was a bad look for Johnny Depp to file the defamation suit against Amber Heard. He certainly knows the law and I trust his PR skills more than mine. But it is interesting how certain events will affect your outlook. For instance, I’ve been observing the Depp/Heard trial from the point of view of a broken relationship in which the woman no longer behaves rationally. Remember, my ex’s sister told our children I physically hurt her and the ex won’t do anything to correct the miscommunication and to ensure our kids their father isn’t a wife-beater. Depp doesn’t want to be known as one, and I don’t either. I just wish I had the money to clear my name. Heard is going to lose a lot more work in the future than Depp, now that she’s been caught gaslighting him (I did not punch you, I was hitting you!’ Amber Heard admits to getting violent with Johnny Depp in audio recordings), revenge pooping in his bed, as well as other crazy things.
  • My doctor once prescribed Ambien for my insomnia. My ex raised that as a concern during the custodial trial. The judge was sympathetic because she had prior cases in which Ambien was involved and my use of it had to be part of the court ordered psych exam. All that came to mind as I was following the Depp/Heard trial – Amber Heard Admits on Tape to Hitting Johnny Depp While ‘on Ambien’
  • My closest friend in one of my divorce support groups went through a very eerily divorce like mine. About six to eight months ahead of me is what he is, and he keeps making predictions about my ex’s actions and our case. Surprisingly, he’s batting a thousand. Yesterday, he made a bold prediction, and I bet him if it ever comes true, I’ll either give him $100 or donate that amount to a charity of his choice. He said if it comes true, he’ll match it and take our broken families out for dinner. Never have I ever wanted to lose a bet more in my life.
  • I bet most of you were like me and thought Kohls was more in the position to buy JC Penny – JC Penney offers $8.6 billion to acquire rival Kohl’s
  • Two weeks after the Warner/Discovery merger closed, TBS & TNT are shuttering their entire scripted TV departments – TNT and TBS will no longer develop new scripted content under parent company Warner Bros. Discovery.
  • You all know I’m a lover of presidential history and trivia, here’s something I ran across recently:
  • If you’re caught up with Better Call Saul, you know there’s a hide-and-seek moment. The actor talks about that riveting scene (at least it was for me) here. I’m not sure what I consider worst, what that character did last night or what Andy Dufresne did to get out of Shawshank. Be prepared for “eating jello” to become a part of the pop-culture lexicon.
  • Colonia High School in Woodbridge, New Jersey – More than 100 people who went to the same high school now have brain tumors
  • ‘A gravity defying act’: Man stacks 7 M&Ms to break previous Guinness World record of 6
  • Oklahoma panel says candidate can’t be called ‘The Patriot’
  • I haven’t had me a bagel in a while. It’s time to make a trip to the bagel shop.
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