Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 21, 2022

  • Here’s the location of that shipwreck in GoogleMaps, and the Wikipedia entry.
    • MS World Discoverer was a cruise ship designed for and built by Schichau Unterweser, Germany in 1974. In 2000, the ship struck an underwater obstacle and was damaged; it was subsequently grounded–to prevent sinking – and abandoned in the Solomon Islands.
  • This tweet and reply between two Christians caught my attention yesterday.

    • I normally don’t comment on tweets made by people I don’t know, but I caved. I wish I would have proofread it before I posted it, “can” should have been “can’t”.
  • This tweet also gave me some pause, and I spend a long time reading and relating to many of the responses.
  • Tesla record profit blows away estimates
    • It seems like it was just yesterday when conservatives were upset the government were using Tesla and Musk as the latest examples of the left throwing government money at things that were never going to be profitable.
  • This is not the Pentagon in Washington D.C., but an empty shopping mall in China.
  • The kids informed me on top of going to Universal Studios in Orlando this weekend, they will also be making a stop at the Magic Kingdom. That’s where the ex and I spent our honeymoon. I wonder if she’ll think about it when she’s there.
  • I’ve been exploring my feelings about this weekend getaway. I really want the kids to have a fun time and make some great memories, but I think what bothers me is that I feel like I’m being replaced since the ex’s sister and her husband are going. When the ex first left me and the only contact she allowed me to have with my son on his birthday was a five-minute monitored call on speakerphone. I learned the ex’s sister’s husband gave my son what I thought was a rather personal father/son type of gift, and I remember the feeling of being replaced back then. Now, I know most of you will tell me there’s no replacing me as my boy’s father, and I understand the perspective you want me to view this from. But, at the same time, I think you can understand with the way things went down how I feel that I’m marginalized and replaceable. If the ex’s goal was to make me feel this way, mission accomplished. It also doesn’t help that he’s the ex’s mother’s favorite in-law.
  • I think I’ve said it before, but this was the time in our children’s lives I was really looking forward to spending together as a whole family unit. All these years of not traveling because we thought they were too young and saving money for future trips and vacations was right around the corner, and then my family broke apart. It was just one of those life fulfilling dreams that was about to come true and the carpet got pulled from under me.
  • It feels good to be blogging again, and I understand some of you don’t like the transparency, but that’s one thing that makes this blog unique. Some days are better than others. It’s not just like riding a bike again, at least for me. I’m just a guy struggling who is trying to grow and rebuild.
  • Ex-Girlfriend Terrorizes Ex-Partner, Secretly Cancel’s Disney Trip on App
  • Guests Use Baby Hack to Cut Disney Genie+ Cost In Half at Disneyland
  • Someone at Weatherford College needs a lesson in sportsmanship.

  • This 40-second solar eclipse seen from the surface of Mars is sublime
    • However, earlier this month operators of rover turned its powerful Mastcam-Z camera toward the sky to capture Mars’ potato-shaped moon Phobos transiting across the surface of the Sun. And the result, well, the result is spectacular. Phobos is much smaller than Earth’s Moon, measuring only about 20 km across, so it does not plunge Mars into darkness. However, with the moon etched against the Sun, the video reveals the lumpy nature of Phobos’ terrain, complete with ridges and small hills. It also showcases sunspots on the surface of our star.
  • This happened in Houston. I think it’s some sort of mating ritual.


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