Bag of Randomness for Thursday, March 24, 2022

  • Nice timing – Yesterday, the observatory in Flagstaff, AZ I took the kids to last week was mentioned in DaughterGeeding’s science class.
  • This divorce has taken a toll on our children’s innocence and adolescence. I wish there was a better way I could co-parent with their mother, but she’s more into the state pushed brand of parallel parenting in which parents never cross paths on anything. It’s like that Geico commercial, it’s all about “Staying in your lane, bro.”
  • How to Tell Which Emails Quietly Track You
    • A tracking pixel, embedded somewhere in the email, is how most people monitor whether an email gets opened. Once the tiny, hidden single-pixel image is loaded, it reports back to base. Their use across emails is now up to “endemic” levels according to some experts. Tracking pixels can report the times and dates their associated email was opened, as well as the location of the device used, and the email client involved. That’s a lot of data to feed back to a third-party that you might not know much about.
  • This 3D billboard is pretty cool. Here’s what it looks like from other angles. And yes, I agree that we should see a Back to the Future II Jaws reference.


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