Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, February 22, 2022

  • Man, there are sure a lot of 2’s in today’s date – 02/22/2022
  • Someone I never met told me yesterday that I was a good dude. I’m not sure of that person’s qualifications to make such a statement, but it was something I needed to hear.
  • LBJ feared dying alone. I’ve read that in several places and saw it on a CNN special last night. I also fear the same. I’m glad I was by the bedside of both my parents. Otherwise, they may have died alone.
  • Parenting was a lot more fun when it was only with the person I married. Now, I feel like I parent equally alongside her, her mother, and her lawyer.
  • There’s no telling what companies like Twitter and Facebook do with your information. There’s no telling what Donald Trump’s new social media company will do with your information.
  • I never thought something like Wordle would be a highlight of my day.
  • Texas tops the nation in teens who give birth multiple times
    • While teenage birth rates have declined significantly across the country in recent decades, Texas remains above the national average, consistently ranking in the top 10 states. Out of all births in Texas, around 6% were teen births in 2019 and 2020. And a startling proportion of teenagers who gave birth in Texas in 2020 — more than 1 in 6 — already had at least one other child.
  • Iranian prisoner dies of ‘joy’ after death penalty abolished
  • Florida worker dies after being run over by street sweeper
  • And to think I get upset at folks who don’t return their shopping cart – Boston man stabbed for not flushing toilet at MBTA station, police say
  • Cute headline, but the visual is actually pretty under-whelming – Deaf dog saved from euthanasia drives around Daytona Speedway

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