Bag of Randomness for Friday, February 4, 2022

  • BoyGeeding and DaughterGeeding were up early, even though they knew school was cancelled. They were excited about the snow and went outside first thing this morning. It brought a huge amount of joy to my heart to see this happy innocence and reminded me of the days when I was young without a worry in the world and how magical a school day being cancelled because of snow was. It also brought back painful memories of how I missed out on a week full of this last year when my wife abandoned me and kept the kids from communicating with me. Of course, I had my phone out taking photos and recording video of them playing in it. There were a few moments when I wanted to send them to my ex. That’s one thing I really miss – co-parenting, sharing joyful moments of the children with the only other person who can love my kids as much as I do. But she’s very against me sending her any sort of message or a reminder that I’m their father or we were once married.
  • Usually I watch a lot of local and national news, but avoided it all because I didn’t want to be reminded of the events of almost a year ago. It’s just too damn painful. Fortunately, I had my weekly session with my counselor to talk things out. Even more fortunately, my session didn’t have to be cancelled due to weather since we could meet online.
  • To my surprise, DaughterGeeding took her pet bunny (named Buno, after U2 frontman Bono) out of the cage for him to experience the snow.
  • The Book of Boba Fett: Why this character’s CGI is vastly better
  • National Butterfly Center on Texas border closing indefinitely after attacks from right-wing conspiracy theorists
    • The butterfly sanctuary, part of the North American Butterfly Association, made the announcement Wednesday. The decision came just days after GOP operatives descended on the site, reviving baseless and false conspiracy theories linking the center to sex trafficking.
  • Prosecutors want parents of accused Michigan school shooter to halt romantic gestures in court“The courtroom is not a place for blowing kisses and sending secret signals,” a prosecutor said.
  • Church sues city of Brookings for trying to limit how often it can feed the homeless(KGW) St. Timothy’s is suing the city over an ordinance restricting churches from offering meals more than two days a week.
  • A Fight Over the Right to Repair Cars Turns UglyIn the wake of a voter-approved law, Subaru and Kia dealers in Massachusetts have disabled systems that allow remote starts and send maintenance alerts.
  • This Old Ship-Carrying Ship Is Cursed To Live Out Its Days As A Billionaire’s YachtAfter being taken out of service, the ship underwent a three-year restoration process. This included the installation of essentials like a sun deck jacuzzi, swimming pool, outdoor cinema, tennis court, botanic garden and four aquariums. You know, basic yacht stuff.
  • 17 “Culture Shocks” Encountered By This American Woman Who Moved To Spain – Huh, tax is included in the sale price of items.
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