Random Poll – Please Answer

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4 Responses to Random Poll – Please Answer

  1. Brad says:

    This sounds like you’re obsessing about something that doesn’t matter any more. Don’t start down that rabbit hole. (I assume I made eye contact, but it’s not something I remember specifically all these years later.)

    • Al says:

      Obsessed seems too strong a word, especially if you don’t know the guy or had a chance to access him. But, maybe you have. Overall, I get what your point, but take it easy on the guy, he’s been through the ringer and then some.

  2. AndreaJN says:

    I’m married, but we didn’t have a wedding. I have issues where I don’t always look at people, especially in the eyes, when other people would consider it normal to do so.

    Hope you are on the path to well-being, physically and otherwise.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, we made eye contact. I have had this surgery twice while not a piece of cake you can do it .Please focus on your recovery, your health will help you cope with the family. GOD Bless.

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