Bag of Randomness for Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Twenty Most Iconic Local TV and Billboard Legends in Texas, Ranked From Mattress Mack to Dick Poe to Crazy Willie, we got ’em all!

Oh man, I think they missed the mark on this one. No Wide Track, no 748-1414, no 1212 Loop 12, no Trophy Trophy Trophy Nissan! But somehow the Texas Law Hawk made it?

New Data Reveal Which Hospitals Are Dangerously Full. Is Yours?

Using an analysis from the University of Minnesota’s COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project, NPR has created a tool that allows you to see how your local hospital and your county overall are faring.  (Jump to look-up tool.)

It focuses on one important metric — how many beds are filled with COVID-19 patients — and shows this for each hospital and on average for each county.

The ratio of COVID-19 hospitalizations to total beds gives a picture of how much strain a hospital is under. Though there’s not a clear threshold, it’s concerning when that rate rises above 10%, hospital capacity expert stold NPR.

Possible repost – A high school in Texas (Sanger) opened a grocery store for struggling families where good deeds are accepted as payment

“In our school district, there’s roughly 2,750 students enrolled and throughout the district 43% of these students are considered economically disadvantaged,” Anthony Love, the principal at Linda Tutt, told CNN. “About 3.6% of our students are considered homeless. We thought it was important to support them and their families and make sure they had food on the table.”
The high school partnered with First Refuge Ministries, Texas Health Resources and the grocery store Albertsons to open the store, which is completely run by students who manage the inventory, stock the shelves and help other students find and bag the products they need.

Andrews (TX) ISD Superintendent: Do not follow health provider’s quarantine mandate

Amazon Halo Review: The Fitness Gadget We Don’t Deserve or NeedThe retail giant claims that its health product is extremely precise at scanning body fat. I found otherwise.

Enter the Halo, a new fitness-tracking bracelet from Amazon with a novel twist: It claims that by using a smartphone app to scan images of your body, it can tell you how much body fat you have much more precisely than past technologies. The bracelet also has a microphone to listen to your tone of voice and tell you how your mood sounds to other people.

To Lose Weight With Exercise, Aim for 300 Minutes a Week

I forgot to hit the “Publish” button before I went to bed on Tuesday, so this is what I meant to post yesterday morning…..


Chuck Yeager died yesterday. Three-hundred-fifty-four-days ago I asked him a question on Twitter about the time he met Orville Wright and he replied. At that time, his reply got liked about ten times, but yesterday that replied got liked or retweeted around twenty times.

Erin Andrews reported that Dak Prescott is already squatting in his rehab, but she didn’t provide any details, like, if he was squatting without weights or how much.

Dez was hugging a lot of Cowboys before the game and then had to go home because he tested positive for COVID-19. Don’t be surprised if they have an outbreak in the next handful of days.

This Tuesday night football is going to throw off my week. I’m used to Monday night games and have finally adjusted to Thursday night games, but I’m worried this morning will either feel like a Tuesday or a Friday.

My home office is upstairs and where our kids’ bedrooms are, sometimes they leave messages in their bathroom.

Elon Musk confirms that he has moved to Texas

Musk is now the richest resident in Texas with a net worth of $157 billion as of Tuesday, according to Bloomberg. He surpasses Houston pipeline tycoon Richard Kinder, with a net worth of $7 billion, and restaurateur Tilman Fertitta, with a net worth of $6.7 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Probably Texas’ most reprehensible congressional representative.

But the most corrupt Texas politician has to be our state’s attorney general, here’s his latest scheme – In new lawsuit, Texas contests election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania

And I haven’t even mentioned Ted Cruz wanting to argue before the Supreme Court about the election results. I thought it was the Republicans saying that the Democrats never can accept the outcome of an election? Dems always accepted the outcome, we just didn’t like the Russian interference and wanted to protect the integrity of future elections. And besides, our nominee conceded, we.

Here’s a cued YouTube video of this step being taught.

American Airlines offers at-home COVID tests for US travelThey cost $129

I guess it’s time I buy a new phone. Hey Santa, you listening?

Google’s Pixel 2 has gotten its last updateThe November 2020 security patch is the end of the road

The Myth of Universal Health CareDespite our illusions, Canada’s system is neither comprehensive nor equally accessible. What would it take to reform it?

Despite unevenness and variability, our national performance on a wide range of health indicators is generally strong. A person diagnosed with leukemia, for example, is less likely to die in Canada than in Ireland, Sweden, or France, the 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study found. Similarly, someone who experiences a stroke in Canada is likely to have a better outcome than is someone in the US, South Korea, or Singapore.

Just about any Canadian will tell you that the Achilles heel of our health care system—what is sometimes characterized as the price of these basics—is the wait time to get access to nonurgent care. It isn’t the kind of delay imagined by some American conservatives, in which “socialized health care” leaves people to exsanguinate on the sidewalk while they’re told to take a number. Rather, it’s the senior who, in line for a hip replacement, loses the chance to dance at her granddaughter’s wedding; the small-town teacher with chronic headaches waiting months for an outpatient neurology appointment; the parents, worried about their daughter’s shift in eating habits, recognizing that it will take months to get an eating-disorder assessment.

The curse of ‘white oil’: electric vehicles’ dirty secretThe race is on to find a steady source of lithium, a key component in rechargeable electric car batteries. But while the EU focuses on emissions, the lithium gold rush threatens environmental damage on an industrial scale

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