Bag of Randomness for Monday, June 22, 2020

I spent the majority of my Father’s Day afternoon in an emergency room which included me taking a COVID-19 test. I was having breathing difficulties and after several breathing treatments and tests, was released. The COVID-19 test was exactly what I thought it would be, a nasal swab to each nostril which felt like it touched my brain. While it was uncomfortable, it wasn’t as painful as many have made it to be. I should know my results in five to seven days.

Yesterday was our 17-year wedding anniversary. We share that honor with Col. White and his bride. It’s also would have been the 18 year anniversary of my widower neighbor and his wife.

I wasn’t totally comfortable with WifeGeeding taking the kids and visiting her parent in East Texas last weekend. The rising COVID-19 numbers were and still are a concern, and her side of the family isn’t concerned or taking as many precautions as I would like. For instance, they are traveling to Shreveport for a baseball tournament and plan on traveling to Memphis and Corpus Christi for others. But while they were away, I decided to finally watch the 2009 film Watchmen and then start on the related HBO series by the same name. I believe the HBO series is set 30-years after the events of the graphic novel and/or film. Then, on Monday, I read LiberallyLean’s blog and saw that he also started to watch the HBO series. I have some funny timing and coincidences with him despite never meeting or talking to the man. One of the things I get a kick out is the movie and series alternative universe. For instance:

  • One of the Watchmen prevented the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Since they never died, Bruce never was an orphan, and thus Batman never existed.
  • Nixon is elected to six terms. As you would guess, the 22nd Amendment regarding term limits was repealed.
  • Vietnam becomes the 51st state to join the United States.

WifeGeeding and I started Netflix’s Ozark. I think the first episode is better than the first episode of Breaking Bad. Jason Bateman is better in the lead role than I expected, it’s nice seeing him play a different character than what we’re all used to seeing him. We’re only about for or five episodes in, and those following episodes don’t quite live up to the first episode, but I think that’s due to some character and plotline building.

Horses and dolphins.

Google’s new Chrome extension lets you link directly to specific text on a page

Link to Text Fragment is a new Chrome Extension from Google that lets you generate URLs to specific text on a webpage, regardless of the page’s formatting.

With the extension installed, simply highlight the text you want to link to, right click, and select “Copy Link to Selected Text.” This can then be shared and opened by anyone using a compatible browser.

A little over two months ago, the organization which runs the charter school our children attend and WifeGeeding teaches at sent out a survey about COVID-19 and the 2020-2021 school year. They recently shared the results of that survey and stated the school year would start on August 12, though they still aren’t sure what the school environment will look like. The survey responses surprised me, and I wonder what a more current survey would show.

  • When provided the four options, 40% of parents favored starting school normally; 20% favored a return to school with additional safety and health measures in place; 19% were interested in a blended approach, and 16% favored remote learning.
  • When provided with five different options, 40% of families expressed interest in following the district calendar as long as there would be an extended summer vacation; 30% of families said they were open to a year-long calendar if necessary; 14% said they preferred to follow the district independent of what they do, with 9% interested in a different start date.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, June 22, 2020

  1. AndreaJN says:

    OMG – I hope you are feeling better and can breathe comfortably now! Get well soon.

    We loved the Watchmen movie and really enjoyed the series. We even bought the graphic novel.

  2. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Take care of yourself. We need you standing watch on that Watchtower of Truth. Scrub those kids down when they return from the relatives & load them up with vitamins. And fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. We all love the Geeding Family and want it healthy and well.

    I was at a graduation this weekend and it was encouraging. Folks mostly masked, wiping down seats with their Chlorox wipes, social distancing, and dispersing quickly at end of ceremonies. Kind of gave me hope that the New Normal was sinking in.

  3. RPM says:

    First off, get well soon Geeding! Let’s hope those test come back negative.
    Ruth is the best character in Ozark by a mile.

  4. Bryan B. says:

    I feel bad for not commenting much in the weeks prior to your vacation. You had some solid material during that time, especially your posts about Bob Sturm’s discussion on faith and politics.

    Watchmen and Ozark are high on my to watch list. I’ve tried to start the first episode of Ozark twice now and gotten interrupted.

    Take care of yourself and get to feeling better.

    Holy crap! Is it just me or is the president’s tie a mile long?

  5. Bryan B. says:

    Okay, fascination with the length of the president’s tie got the best of me and I jumped into a few minutes of deep investigation in my closet. The last time I purchased a tie at Nordstrom, I went with an extra long tie because my neck is pretty large and the extra length helps. That said we’re only talking a 2” difference from a regular tie. The extra long tie in my closet, when draped over my neck like in the photo above, falls just to my waist or at my belt line in cargo shorts. I am 5’9”, a good 6” shorter than the president. As you can see in the above photo, his tie falls almost to the top of his pants inseam.

    Conclusion: That tie is farking long. Like freakishly long. Like possibly custom tailored long.

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