Bag of Randomness for Thursday, December 5, 2019

  • Yesterday, DaughterGeeding was getting her braces worked on and I couldn’t help but notice the snowflake above her and the assistant’s head and wonder how’d they react if the adhesive hook suddenly gave way. I noticed every patient being worked on also was in the same predicament. As one person on Twitter said, this wasn’t quite Final Destination, more of “Midday Detour”. Truth be told, this is a phobia of mine. You won’t catch me sleeping directly underneath a ceiling fan and back in the day when restaurants would hoist a heavy CRT TV near the ceiling I’d refuse to sit underneath it.
  • Not long ago, WifeGeeding revealed to me that she had an affinity for arrows and if she would to ever get a tattoo, it would be an arrow. While in the orthodontist waiting room, I noticed Lindale native Miranda Lambert had an arrow tattoo on her hand. WifeGeeding is also a Lindale native. So, the only logical conclusion is that WifeGeeding wants to be Miranda Lambert.
  • I’ve always wanted a doggie-door. We couldn’t get one installed in my childhood home because the door to our backyard was a large sliding glass door. This week, I fulfilled the dream of owning a doggie-door, here is a picture of DogGeedingII and OtherDogGeedingII teaching BoyGeeding how to use it.
  • We haven’t decorated Christmas one iota.
  • U2 are getting a channel devoted exclusively to their music on SiriusXM sometime next year.
    • “[U2X Radio] will feature music from U2’s acclaimed decades-long career,” the company said in a statement. “Never before heard interviews and live concert recordings; favorites and surprises from the archive; band curated playlists sharing personal influences both new and old; plus content celebrating their Dublin roots and much, much more.”
  • Netflix’s Movie Catalog Has Shrunk By 40% Since 2014
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  1. Garry Solmonson says:

    Doggie doors are great til the raccoons discover them!
    But that may be just an East Texas thing.

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