Bag of Randomness for Monday, December 2, 2019

  • Yes, I know the above nativity scene is neither theologically or historically correct. Obviously, Tootsie Rolls didn’t exist during biblical times.
  • We’ve lived in our house for about 13 or 14 years and for the last several years we’ve been one cooktop upgrade from having matching stainless steel appliances for the first time. I decided to make that a reality on Black Friday when I spotted a unit on sale marked $450 off. I tend to be skeptical of any sale when I’m told how much I’d be saving because, in essence, I have no idea what they intended to sell it for in the first place. But this deal hit a price point I’ve been looking for and sometimes you just feel a “need” to buy something because you’ve been putting it off for so long. WifeGeeding and the kids were in East Texas visiting her family on that day so I decided to install it myself and surprise them when they came home the next day.
  • It’s funny how intimidating anything can be when you first become a homeowner, but over the years your confidence starts to add up as you tuck another endeavor under your belt as they become slightly more complex. I’m at the point in which I prefer installing a lot of things myself because I think I can either do it better or just enjoy trying to tackle the challenge. The gas range made me pause because I have a fear of natural gas from all those house explosions due to a small gas leak. To better calm my fears, I had my neighbor who installs kitchen countertops to inspect my work who spotted something I would have overlooked. Other than that, it went well.
  • Later that day, our 15-month over-the-range microwave decided to act up by not turning off. When turned off and the door closed, it was making a loud humming noise and the metal felt warm. I kept the door open and that worked, but after a while, the sound came back. After some trial and error and a lot of research, it appeared the magnetron needed to be replaced. The part would cost about $120, I’d have to wait for it to be delivered, then I’d have to take it down, disassemble and reassemble, test my repair and hope that it worked, and then would have to reinstall it over the cooktop and attach it to the wall. I chose a slightly costlier alternative. All the chains were advertising the exact same model microwave for a Black Friday price of $200 and two of the closest stores had them in stock.
  • While visiting her family in East Texas, WifeGeeding’s brother and father went hunting near what they call “the river bottom”. They stayed out later than normal, I think it was around dusk they started to drive home. As they neared a narrow bridge, they notice a man on the opposite side of the road approaching them. Her father, being his typical small-town friendly self, slowed down to strike a conversation. The man walked up to the driver’s side window and pulled a gun. WifeGeeding’s brother yelled something like, “He’s got a gun, go, go go!” and his father took off. They never looked back; however, both heard three gunshots and neither was injured and quickly called 911. The police met them in a church parking lot and they were able to determine their truck was hit two times (a picture of one of the bullet holes is below). There were actually three bullet holes, but one bullet made an exit and entry hole. As they waited in the church parking lot for the police to arrive, an older woman (with several missing teeth) drove up in a beaten-down car. WifeGeeding’s brother warned her not to drive any further down the road, but her reply was something like, “Oh, that’s my son,” and then drove off. WifeGeeding’s brother was too caught up in the moment to get the make, model, or license plate of the car. As far as I know, the man was never identified, questioned, or arrested.
  • Loosely related – Once when I was dating WifeGeeding and visiting her family, a lot of drove to Shreveport to visit the riverboat casinos. At one point, her father wanted to visit the local Bass Pro Shops and I chauffered him. While there, he told me how he noticed a lot of vehicles as of late had bullet holes. I explained to him those aren’t actually bullet holes but decals and were able to find some in the store. He was bewildered why anyone would want to have a fake bullet hole on their vehicle and politely questioned the sanity of the younger generation.
  • Survey: You need an annual salary of $113,000 to be happy in Dallas
    • A survey from Purdue University and found that you need an annual salary of $113,085 to be happy in Dallas. It also found that people need to be making between $64,620 and $80,775 annually for their emotional well-being.
    • The survey also found that in Los Angeles you need to earn $204,855 to be happy, in New York City, you need to earn $219,765. Nationally, the study says that the ideal salary needed to be happy is roughly $105,000, they say that’s generally enough to make people feel comfortable and happy enough to explore bigger goals.
  • Nearly 40 percent of online Black Friday purchases were made with phones
    • While working on my graduate degree, I remember writing a paper about the future of “mobile tech” and the ability to make on-line purchases. I never thought it would take off, thinking no one would want to punch in a credit card number on a tiny two-inch square gray screen, but this was years before the first iPod or iPhone.  (Heck, the CueCat never took off!) I’m certainly no visionary.
  • Dwayne Johnson and Danny DeVito crash a wedding after wrapping film promotion in Cabo Mexico. The video really isn’t great nor all that entertaining, but it got me thinking if a celebrity ever crashed a funeral. That sounds like something Tom Green wouldn’t have done.
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  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    The promoter who got Belo (Channel 8, Dallas Morning News, and WFAA at the time) to underwrite and throw money at the CueCat probably also sold the Monorail to North Haverbrook and Springfield.

    Disclaimer: I still have three CueCats unopened & stored away that were given to me by a friend at RadioShack.

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