Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, November 12, 2019

  • Today the world welcomes Disney+ and there’s gonna be a whole lotta of binge-watching going on.
  • At work, I routinely have to dial into a conference line with the code 54008828. I memorized the code by imagining Randy White and Robert Parish playing two-on-two basketball against Michael Irvin and Darren Woodson. I admit that scenario makes absolutely no sense, but it’s how I remember it.
  • A student in WifeGeeding’s class spontaneously raised his hand and asked, “Can you call my mom and tell her I forgot to brush my teeth last night?”
  • I bought some easy to assemble storage shelves for the garage and recruited BoyGeeding to help assemble them. Without his help, I could have been finished in more than half the time, but it was worth spending every second with him and seeing the sense of pride swell up as we inched closer to completion. Sometimes, faster is not always better.
  • Social media made if very apparent most people don’t understand the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. But I suppose the most important thing is just honoring those who served whether alive or deceased.
  • Roaming the floors of Hallmark’s first-ever ChristmasCon.
  • A general contractor recommended by USAA came by yesterday to provide a quote for the water damage on our floors and a “water mitigation” company is coming out today. “Water mitigation” as not a part of my vernacular until yesterday. The gentlemen with the general contractor company have been in the business for over three decades and we got into a fun conversation about how much technology has changed certain aspects of his job. When he first started, insurance companies would have him take Polaroids and mail them in, now he can simply use an app on his smartphone. He carries an old fashioned tape measurer but mostly uses a digital contraption no larger than a cigarette lighter which shoots out a red laser and instantly tells him the distance. Then there’s the application software that has streamlined the process and drones and apps which automatically takes measurements and measures pitch and elevation.
  • The Financial Times is a daily newspaper owned by Japanese company Nikkei, Inc., headquartered in London and I once had to subscribe to it because of a college course. The professor pointed out it’s printed on pink paper as a form of tradition, but at first, it was because unbleached paper was cheaper to print on. The newspaper recently published a correction that gave me a good chuckle. You can easily see how a Japanese owned paper based in London may confuse why Utah’s largest paper has a dedicated reporter covering a certain genre of music mostly associated with black people in one of America’s whitest cities.
  • Again, I want it on record, when I die and some type of service is held, call it either a funeral or memorial service, I do not want it called “A Celebration of Life” service. This world has enough sugar coating as it is.
  • Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” is rambling through my head.
  • Stephen Colbert said he was once told if he ever needed to get a song unstuck his head to start singing something short and unrepeatable, like “Byyyyyy Mennen.”
  • Stephanie Grisham took over the White House press secretary role in July and has yet to hold a single briefing with reporters. Considering this administration is undergoing an impeachment hearing, that’s amazing. However, Grisham has appeared on Fox News or the Fox Business Network at least 13 times.
  • Trebek got choked up.

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