Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 22, 2019

  • The first thing which comes to my mind about Veterans Day is as an elementary school student and being bussed to Miller Stadium and sitting in the freezing cold for a Veterans Day program. We always sat on the visitor’s side on the wooden bleachers which I was scared to walk up, there was something about the spacing of the boards which gave me a sense of vertigo and the paint always felt slippery. I think they could have fit us all on the home side on the cement bleachers if they really wanted.
  • WifeGeeding and I attended the one-woman play ANN written and originally starring Holland Taylor. The play is about former Texas Governor Ann Richards and this version was starred Libby Villari who definitely captured the late governor’s spirit and nailed her characteristics for the most part. Neither Bush was mentioned but Barbara Jordan was several times. I know I’m partial but offhand I’d say that Richards and Jordan are the two greatest female orators in our nation’s history. Many of you may not know Barbara Jodan, but she was exceptionally eloquent and measured as a speaker.
  • The set had one little detail I appreciated, the state capitol’s pink/red granite.
  • They play was held at the Kalita Humphreys Theater which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. WifeGeeding mentioned that one of her friends recently moved into a Frank Lloyd Wright house and I told her she must be mistaken him for another architect, but sure enough, she was correct.
  • The theater actually had a working payphone! I was shocked to see it, and a bit surprised how much it cost to make one single call, fifty cents.
  • I overheard WifeGeeding talking to her mother about the play. She stated that Ann Richard’s brother was her wedding photography, but WifeGeeding boldly told her that couldn’t be true because in the play, Richards stated she was an only child. There was a little back and forth between the two, but I was able to find out it was Richards’ uncle Jimmie Willis of Waco she was referring to.
  • One thing I like to look for in a one-person play is how the actor is able to sneak in a drink during the performance. If you think about it, speaking for an hour and a half to two hours under stage lights can make a person pretty thirsty. I was spotted three moments. I never saw the Bryan Cranston one-man play about LBJ, but I’m curious how he snuck in a drink.
  • Ann Richards’ eldest grandchild is now the communications director for Kamala Harris.
  • I found an interview of Holland Taylor in full costume alongside Richards’ eldest daughter Cecile Richards (former president of Planned Parenthood). Richards was asked if it was weird watching the play and I thought she had a nice warm answer, she said it was like Taylor gave her two extra hours with her mother.
  • Nikki Haley was interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning and I took issue with one particular thing she said.
    • “The Ukrainians never did the investigation. And the president released the funds. I mean, when you look at those, there’s just nothing impeachable there. And more than that, I think the biggest thing that bothers me is the American people should decide this. Why do we have a bunch of people in Congress making that decision?
      • I have no problem with her thoughts on whether the president should be impeached or not, but it’s that last sentence that bothers me, “Why do we have a bunch of people in Congress making that decision?” Geeze, Hailey, that’s an easy one, because the American people you referenced elect Representatives every two years to represent them in Congress. In essence, the American people are deciding because of the representatives they elected. You know, I think the American people should decide who is elected president, but that doesn’t happen, there’s something called the Electoral College, and Electors mostly are nominated by a state’s political party.
  • It’s hard for me to root for the Cowboys when they wear their dark uniforms at home.
  • Runner in ‘Jesus Saves’ bib collapses, is saved by group with man named Jesus
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 22, 2019

  1. AndreaJN says:

    I’ll bet you are really good at investigating things on the internet!

  2. Ben W. says:

    Setting aside the fact that “Ukraine never investigated” and “the funds were later released” is completely immaterial to the matter (Republicans have suddenly all forgotten that “attempted” crimes exist, something I’m sure everyone in prison for attempted murder is super excited about), the question “Why do we have a bunch of people in Congress making that decision?” made my blood pressure skyrocket. We have a bunch of people in Congress making that decision because that’s LITERALLY how the Constitution set up the process. To be the “strong originalist/Constitutionalist” party, the GOP really seems to have forgotten how to read the thing.

  3. Bryan B. says:

    The President has already questioned the legitimacy of the Constitution by calling the Emoluments Clause “phony”. The impeachment process just gives him and his followers the chance to do the same thing with parts of it that are more plainly laid out.

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