Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 4, 2019

  • We ain’t got no slab leak, so that’s a good thing.
  • I was in Costco on Sunday and it seemed like one in three people were wearing the red and black buffalo check pattern. Dude, I get it’s trending or in style, but why does everyone want to dress the same?
  • Long-time Survivor fans will sympathize – ‘Survivor’ Contestant Rudy Boesch Dies at 91 After Long Battle with Alzheimer’s DiseaseBefore achieving reality stardom, Rudy Boesch served in the U.S. Navy for 45 years
  • BoyGeeding wrapped up his first season of coach-pitch baseball on Saturday. He had a really great game, so much so, he was presented with the game ball. I can’t help but compare him to myself. Like me, he pays close attention to coaching and any instruction and very disciplined during gameplay. Unlike me, he doesn’t get nervous and simply has fun. Unlike me, he’s actually pretty good. He gets to bat anywhere from five to seven times a game and hits it every time. He’s only been thrown out three times all season. But I noticed he has a choppy swing, that he focuses on hitting the ball and not following through. His throw is also a little choppy and not very fluid, but he’s got solid fielding skills and is the only kid in the league I’ve seen catch the ball while playing catcher. He also has a bad habit of not running at full speed and slowing down before reaching a base. I have a feeling his favorite part of the game is running to home base and scoring a run.
  • I’ve introduced BoyGeeding and DaughterGeeding to the original Addams Family television series and they are hooked.
  • We made our annual voyage to the pumpkin patch and this was the first year they really embraced the merry-go-round. It was really cool seeing them do all the fun stuff I remember doing as a kid, all the fun stuff like laying down in the middle, trying to cross from one side to another while it’s spinning, jumping off, and working with the other kids to get it spin as fast as possible. You know, I was really impressed with the kids, despite none of them knowing each other and being of different ages, they all worked together and were very caring towards one another. As much as love this classic playground mechanism, it’s easy to see why they aren’t around much anymore. There were many close calls of kids falling off and almost getting their foot, hand, or head caught underneath. It’s amazing how me and my friends never really got injured in our youth.
  • I saw my first Christmas commercial of the season last night. Well, it’s the first I’ve noticed.
  • Discovery Channel Pits ‘Man vs. Bear’ in New Competition Series
    • Each week three grizzlies — Bart, Honey Bump and Tank — will take on three new human competitors (male and female) at their Utah sanctuary to test the limits of strength, speed and stamina. All of the challenges — from a game of “tug of war” to using brute force to roll giant logs — will be based on the bears’ natural instincts as well as predatory skills and actions.

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