Bad of Randomness for Wednesday, October 30, 2019

  • Sorry for the absence, I’ve been busy with work, life, and hourly laziness and procrastination.
  • I noticed one of our laminate floorboards was slightly warped so I carefully removed it to inspect what’s underneath. There was a bit of a musty smell. I’d actually like to say it was a moldy smell but fear I’m allowing my brain to overreact. The concrete slab foundation had some black spots which led me to think it could possibly be mold, so I removed another board, then another, and another, and the next thing you know I’ve removed a lot more than I intended. We did have a small flooding problem not too long ago which could have caused this situation, but then again, it could be a slab leak. I’ve filed a claim and our insurance is sending someone out to test for a slab leak, which is part of our coverage. No matter the case, we’re getting new floors and considering polished or stained concrete all throughout the first floor. If y’all have any local recommendations for such services, let me know. #Developing
  • Vertically-challenged DaughterGeeding is a fourth-grader and has decided to try out for the fourth-thru-six-grade girl’s basketball team. I admire her for trying but certainly don’t expect her to make the team. Oddly, tryouts are on Halloween about an hour after school lets out. However, I hear the forecast during trick-or-treating hours on Halloween calls for rain and a wind chill in the thirties. #GoodCuddlingWeather
  • I found a cute mother and daughter dress set and decided to dress up my wife and daughter for church. They got a nice round of compliments. I think the set for both dressed was under twenty bucks on Amazon. #WhoWoreItBetter?
  • Herschel Walker is promoting Donald Trump Jr’s new book.
  • Per the Cotton Bowl’s Wikipedia page, Journey recorded two videos in the 1980s in the Cotton Bowl.
  • SNL doesn’t have any reoccurring character skits anymore and I’m not sure why. Keenan should bring back “What’s Up With That?”
  • An overlooked “Stranger Than Fiction” event of Watergate –  Nixon’s Attorney General, John Mitchell, had his security detail kidnap, beat, and sedate his wife Martha (an outspoken socialite) to keep her from speaking to reporters.
    • What can be more “Stranger Than Fiction” than that? The kidnapper is now the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic, he was nominated by President Trump in 2017.
      • He has no diplomatic experience and had never spent a day in Prague before taking up his post there on December 7. Radio Prague, the official state news outlet, called him “a rich Republican businessman…who worked for the FBI early in his career.”
  • Paralympian skier Josh Sundquist has a good sense of humor about having one leg and always does a great job dressing up for Halloween.
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2 Responses to Bad of Randomness for Wednesday, October 30, 2019

  1. Bryan B. says:

    That looks like moisture rather than mold, but I’m far from an expert and the photo might be deceiving. We wanted to go with stained concrete in our remodeled kitchen, but had a contractor talk us out of it. It does show off blemished if there are any and it requires some maintenance, especially in high traffic areas. We’re dealing with addressing it in an area at work where the traffic areas have lost a lot of the seal and stain.

    Keenan’s game show host skits are the closest thing to recurring that you see on SNL these days.

    I’m wondering if the Journey videos filmed at the Cotton Bowl were filmed in conjunction with Texxas Jam appearances.

  2. Garry says:

    Stained concrete is great. I did it in a bathroom when we lived in Midland. Wanted to do it in the house when we moved to Houston, but the painters were haphazard when the house was built, and there was paint soaked into the floor everywhere. I had a friend who built a new house and covered the slab during construction just so he would have a clean canvas to stain. It looked great, but with concrete there is no forgiveness if you drop anything…it’s gonna break.

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