Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 9, 2019

  • I love how insightful and observant fourth-grader DaughterGeeding can be. She was working on a school project while I was watching the news and she asked me what’s the difference between a grand jury and other kinds of juries. Like a good day, I told her to submit her question or search the archives of
  • The girl is too hard on herself and I’m trying to figure out why she is feeling stressed about certain things. For instance, her assignment is to create a medieval estate. This can be done on Friday by drawing on a worksheet provided by the teacher or the student can build a 3D model. She opted for the latter. But, she was in tears on Sunday night because she didn’t finish it over the weekend so she can turn it in four days early.
  • Armchair Political Strategist Time – If I were consulting the GOP, I’d tell them to support the Trump impeachment. Republican candidates in the House and the Senate can run on the message on how courageous they were to put the country first and their integrity and respect for what the framers had in mind. Also, working with President Pence is going to be a whole hell of a lot easier. Their focus would shift from drumming up the far-right base and winning moderate voters for Pence, but you could still woo the base by stating how he would continue to stack the Supreme Court with conservative justices and he’s better and more experienced than anyone the opposition would throw out.
  • Bob Sturm claimed if Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford were walking through an airport, more excitement would be made for Stallone over Ford. I do not support his claim. Sure, Stallone is more approachable and it’s more fun to shout “Sly” or “Yo, Rock!” but the fandom of Star Wars and Indiana Jones is greater.
  • I love Junior Miller’s description of Mumford and Sons – Coldplay with a banjo.
  • This comes from a school district that decided to hold a vote and announce their new head coach on a Friday night to avoid any attention. Kids have to suffer because of immoral adults.  – Mount Vernon, coached by former Baylor head coach Art Briles, facing possible forfeiture after two players ruled ineligible. 
    • Briles was also publicly reprimanded by the committee for using an assistant coach who wasn’t a full-time employee of the district, also a violation of UIL rules.
      • I’m not sure what the rule is on this. Earlier this week I mentioned Troy Aikman was an assistant coach for a local high school football team and I’m sure he’s not a full-time employee.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 9, 2019

  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Love the Richard Marx bullet point on Kenny Loggins. The young whippersnappers in your audience don’t get it, but we oldsters do & got a chuckle.

    And agree on the Ford vs Stallone airport question. Han Solo, for the win

  2. Bryan B. says:

    Great Bag today.

    I have a coworker that is a left of center moderate and greatly dislikes and disapproves of the president. That said, he fears a Pence presidency as much as Trump. I think part of that fear is that Pence really is a conservative whereas Trump just plays one when he’s pandering to a “base” more often than not.

    As a big Coldplay fan and a casual Mumford fan (I’m more of a fan of Marcus Mumford’s solo Americana work than the band), I concur with Junior’s assessment.

    Sounds like Briles is now out of the woods on his trouble. Just to play devil’s advocate, the trouble is over something that happens and is ignored in every school in Texas that cares about football. The fact that he’s been caught to the point that punishment was even considered is significant.

    As for a non-full time employee coaching, Aikman is doing it at a private school and Briles is at a public school. I’m not sure that’s the difference in the two, but I know it is not at all unusual for private school’s to hire faculty on a part-time basis.

    I laughed out loud at the Richard Marx tweet when I saw it yesterday.

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