Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, October 8, 2019

  • My coworker who lost his son earlier this year unexpectedly lost his mother last week.
  • I haven’t seen my coworkers in over a year, I think. But we have a new CFO who is visiting and we are all having dinner tonight. I’m not complaining that I have to be with my coworkers, but I’m just not good at being social or engaging in small talk. Perhaps the best thing for me to do is look at this as an opportunity to work on a weakness.
  • As great as capitalism is, sometimes it has its drawbacks. I wasn’t too happy how the NBA catered to it over the fight for freedom and democracy playing damage control with China. They are almost as accommodating to communism as President Trump. Heck, even Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rouke expressed their disappointment with the NBA, even they agreed on something.
  • Judge Tammy Kemp of the Amber Guyer trial was recently interviewed and offered some insight into why she hugged Guyer, why she gave her her personal Bible, and why she felt she didn’t cross any boundaries.
    •  I was not proselytizing. Ms. Guyger asked me for a hug. I’m sad to say she had to ask me twice. I never asked Ms. Guyger to pray and I didn’t pray with her”, she said.
  • ‘God, Guns and America’: South Carolina car dealership offers AR-15 voucher, Bible with every sale
  • The Atlantic – Top Military Officers Unload on TrumpThe commander in chief is impulsive, disdains expertise, and gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News. What does this mean for those on the front lines?
    • To get a sense of what serving Trump has been like, I interviewed officers up and down the ranks, as well as several present and former civilian Pentagon employees. Among the officers I spoke with were four of the highest ranks—three or four stars—all recently retired.
    • Military officers are sworn to serve whomever voters send to the White House. Cognizant of the special authority they hold, high-level officers epitomize respect for the chain of command, and are extremely reticent about criticizing their civilian overseers. That those I spoke with made an exception in Trump’s case is telling, and much of what they told me is deeply disturbing.
  • As I watched A Very Brady Renovation on HGTV, it occurred to me Maureen McCormick has never gone through an ugly phase in life.
  • Peter King’s column was a fun read yesterday as it had a touch of nostalgia, mainly because of how his former employer, Sports Illustrated, cut half their workforce yesterday. First, there was a recap of one of my favorite Joe Montana games and cover story.  His team down 21-10 in the fourth quarter but Montana threw four touchdown passes in 13 minutes to seal the victory. The Niners had a terrible first half, Montana got sacked four times in the last seven plays of the first quarter, eight times in all. Reggie White was unstoppable. I love that cover photo, how his helmet is placed in front of the logo and perfectly centered in his firing position. Second, Rick Reilly, the man who always had the last article in the magazine called “Life of Reilly” wrote a point after. That man is living the life, spending half the year in Italy and the other half in Southern California.
  • One heck of a workout
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  1. Bryan B. says:

    Makes you wonder how bad things really are if military leaders actually speak up. That’s pretty rare if not unheard of.

    I watched a few minutes of the Brady Bunch remodel show last night and thought the same thing about Maureen McCormick. She doesn’t look a day over 40, much less 63.

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