Bag of Randomness for Thursday, October 17, 2019

  • Somewhere in Wisconsin is a very relaxed Paul Ryan. I picture him taking up the hobby of butter carving in his off time.
  • I hear the Aurora Borealis isn’t as spectacular in person because the human eye can’t pick up the awesome details a camera can.
  • I’ve never used Yelp to review or form an opinion about anything.
  • It’s a tough time for us allergy and sinus sufferers. I’m sure all of you are taking an antihistamine and allergy spray. Some of you may be so congested you started using nasal decongestant sprays like Afrin. If you are trying to avoid stuff like Afrin, I’ve read favorable things about using xylitol as a nose spray or nasal rinse. I’m using XLEAR and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked, but be warned, it will sting pretty sharply at first. If you are suffering from sinus congestion I think this is the best natural thing to try.
  • This family in Iowa just ran into a massive case of bad luck –
    • Nick Lestina and his family of seven were getting ready to put their house on the market until their basement was flooded with animal blood. Their basement was filled with nearly five inches of animal blood, fat and bones as a result of drainage from a meat locker next door. For the last 10 years, the family has lived next to Dahl’s Meat Locker, but have never had any problems until recently.
  • President Trump’s letter to Turkey’s president was something else, especially how he stuck the landing, “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool! I will call you later.” I can imagine one of his aides or speechwriters, some impressive Ivy League intellect with phenomenal writing credentials, spending a few hours working on a flawless and articulate first draft only to do the sad Charlie Brown walk back to his or her desk four or five times as Trump keeps rejecting them.
  • This guy uses deep fakes as he does celebrity impressions.  Soon, there’s gonna be a deep fake of President Trump which will freak all of us out, it’s inevitable. If not him, then the next president for sure.


  • Back in April, I wrote, “If you are a married contestant on Wheel of Fortune I guess you are obligated to mention your spouse and/or family and describe them in overtly affectionate tones.” The contrived affection annoys the heck out of me, so I was appreciative of this contestant who shook things up a bit. The guy’s name is Blair, the second-best date I ever had was with a Blair, who was female. Well, maybe that one is tied for second, I had a great date with a Kim.
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  1. Kathy says:

    I had years of problems with sinus/allergy. When I finally started using plain saline nasal spray every day, not just when I was congested, I no longer had problems. You do have to be disciplined enough to use it every day. I use it twice a day every day. It made a huge difference in my life.

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