Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 25, 2019

  • Muscle memory is a funny thing. While driving┬ánorth on SE 25th Avenue in Mineral Wells to take a right on U.S. 180, I instinctively tapped the breaks to slow down so I could gently go over the railroad tracks. However, the railroad tracks were no longer there. I can still remember my father giving me driving lessons, driving down that road with him for the very first time with me in the driver’s seat, and him gently telling me to slow down as I approach that area to keep from damaging his car.
  • Anytime I answer with an “OK”, DaughterGeeding instinctively chimes in with spokesperson appeal, “Just OK is not OK, especially when it comes to your network. AT&T is America’s best wireless network according to America’s biggest test. Now with 5G evolution, the first step to 5G.”
  • One of the better stories told at the celebration of my friend’s 20th year preaching at his church was the time a woman of size asked to be baptized. My friend is not a large nor a strong person, and if you are familiar with the Baptist tradition, they do a full emersion. The pastor and person being baptized stand in waist-level water, who would then lean the person backward, basically dunking the person fully in water and lifting him or her back up. My friend wanted to get this right and not make it awkward for the woman, so he asked one of the “roundest” and heaviest men at the church if he would come by the day before so he could practice on him. That man said he was baptized about fifteen times that evening. In case you were wondering, the lady in question moved out of state years ago.
  • This woman’s Haunted Mansion Ride Themed Halloween Gown (with moving doom buggies and ghosts) is highly impressive. Her Instagram shows it in motion.
  • Those Boston Dynamics robots continue to get scarier and scarier.
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