Bag of Randomness for Thursday, September 26, 2019

  • Rarely do I ever set the clothes dryer to anything other than the medium or low heat setting. I read somewhere long ago using the high heat setting damages clothes faster. It sounds correct, but I’ve never looked it up to verify.
  • I’m not a “car guy” so I don’t know if this is normal or odd behavior. One of my neighbors and his wife drive a Lexus and an Acura. Neither can be more than two years old. The cars, not my neighbors. Each day when they pull into their garage, they pop the hoods and turn on two wall-mounted fans directed at the engines and then set the garage door to only be opened a quarter of the way.
  • The first standalone marijuana reform bill in our nation’s history passed in the House of Representatives yesterday and I didn’t see any televised news coverage of it since there was much other news coming out of Washington. Not too long ago, that would have been the top story on the evening news.
  • I knew the Amber Guyger trial would be covered by the national news, but I didn’t expect them to it covered on the national evening news every day this week.
  • Dallas City Council Votes To Rename Olive Street ‘Nowitzki Way’
  • Labradoodle creator says it’s his ‘life’s regret’He’s become concerned that an influx of copycat cross-breeds has created health problems for many dogs.
  • I totally forgot about this Disney park which was going to be built in Virginia during the late Nineties – Revisiting Disney’s America: The Theme Park That Never Was
    • In November 1993, CEO Michael Eisner announced that Disney would open its third U.S. theme park near the rural town of Haymarket, Virginia. “Disney’s America” would focus on “the nation’s richness of diversity, spirit, and innovation,” said Eisner at the time. The park would be arranged into nine sections, loosely focusing on significant periods of U.S. history. One land would focus on the founding fathers while others would feature a 20th century farm, world war battlefields, factories of the industrial revolution. The park would also cover some potentially controversial topics too, like turn-of-the-century immigration, Native Americans, and slavery.
  • The Atlantic – My Husband Paid Me to Do HouseworkWe wanted to address a systemic, gendered imbalance. It didn’t really work.
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