Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 13, 2019

  • It would have been nice if my air conditioner coils would have gone kaput before I decided to buy Hamilton tickets and stay the night in Austin. I have two units and have replaced two in about fifteen years, so not too bad. I think any owner of an HVAC unit can tell you the first time they were told they needed to replace the coils because initially, it sounds like that’s a cheap and easy thing to fix, then you find out its labor intensive and will cost anywhere between two to four grand.
  • I’ve probably only shined five pair of shoes or boots in my life. Furthermore, I’ve never had my shoes shined by anyone. Personally, I would find the whole experience of a person shining my shoes while I’m wearing them awkward. There’s nothing wrong with it, I’m simply socially inept.
  • As of late, I’ve noticed Jeopardy! will show obscure angles of the set going to and from commercial break. Because of this, I noticed that Alex Trebek sits on a stool behind his podium. That got me to wonder how long has he been utilizing a stool and if it’s only been since his cancer treatments.
  • Many, many moons ago while watching Jeopardy! with my father, I couldn’t stand the part of the show when Trebek would interact and interview the contestants. It seemed he begrudged the small talk, tried to rush it, and come off a bit posh. Now, he seems to enjoy it and takes his time.
  • Our new pastor has asked me to take part in a youth minister exploratory committee which confirms our new pastor is a bad judge of character.
  • I remember when the outlet mall in Hillsboro was a big thing. Now, that place is a ghost town. The Walking Dead should consider shooting some shows there.
  • A Plano mansion is for sale and the pool looks just as large as the house.
  • Grrrr – Google will stop syncing files between Drive and Photos
  • I’m not sure if this thread of tweets is true, but I was entertained. Here’s the first three for your consideration:
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