Bag of Randomness for Friday, June, 14, 2019

  • Of all the songs in the musical Hamilton, “It’s Quite Uptown” sticks with me the most. The song describes Alexander Hamilton and his wife Eliza’s grief as they try to accept their son Philip’s death. They describe this process of grief as “The Unimaginable” with lyrics such as:
    – And learn to live with the unimaginable
    – They are going through the unimaginable
    – He is working through the unimaginable
    No parent should have to bury a child, it’s unimaginable. However, it happens. Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the death of my friend who was to be the best man at my wedding just a week later. I’m thinking of his mother specifically, who had to go through the unimaginable not once but twice. Unimaginable. The woman is the epitome of resilience.
  • Taking the dogs to the dog park near sunset is a slice of heaven.
  • Things I never thought I’d say, “I bought a linear actuator.” I didn’t even know what one was until earlier this week. It’s for a DIY project and I have no idea if it will be successful, but that’s the fun, isn’t it? Sometimes the greatest lessons and funniest memories happen during failure.
  • I’m a big fan of how the Spanish language will put the exclamation point or question mark at the beginning of a sentence. When I take notes at work, they are often like a Bag of Randomness, all in bullet point. However, if I write down a question I need to ask or find an answer to, I’ll use the question mark as a bullet point to easily identify them.
  • I’ll say this about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she served her president exceptionally well. In the years ahead, may her legacy of serving President Trump follow her every step ahead.
  • What it takes to be a $200,000-a-year nanny
    • This story made me think of one of WifeGeeding’s friends whose first job out of college was to nanny for the Perot grandchildren. She lived on the estate in an apartment above the garage, like Fonzie but much fancier, and traveled the world with the family. I heard nothing but great things about the Perots. When she got engaged, they threw her a huge party which we were fortunate to attend and I got to meet Mr. Perot himself. I’m socially awkward as it is, but I never felt more out of my element.
  • Yesterday the movie trailer for the sequel to The Shining dropped, and while it may not live up to the original, it is entertaining if you’re a fan of the horror classic. I do think they could have come up with a better title for it than Doctor Sleep, which sounds like some villain in a Batman comic.
  • I Started An Online Support Group For Men Who Can’t Get Rid Of Their T-shirtsMainly, Of Course, Because I Couldn’t Get Rid Of Mine
    • Marie Kondo has helped me with this. I take a tiny moment to give thanks to it for the joy it has brought and the memories I’ve made with it and then toss it in the donation or future rag pile.
  • When Pepsi was swapped for Soviet warships
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, June, 14, 2019

  1. Peggy Noice says:

    I always think it is strange how years just keep passing and they aren’t here. I can only credit faith for getting up each day and going on. Faith, family and dear friends who remember. 6 plus 8 equals 14..

  2. Mott says:

    Are you being serious about SHS?

  3. barry says:

    Keith, you do a great job of remembering. Whether it’s though your mom’s handsewn clothes that daughter Geeding is wearing or your tribute to your friend who died 16 years ago. Or just through some boxes that you keep around because they’re strong, in good condition, and you used them to move something literally decades ago.
    I have a good memory for remembering, but your gift in remembering is much more tangible… and I do not share your gift!
    Here’s to your friend, his mom who lives with the unimaginable, and to your example in remembering so well. Indeed, yours is a gift of love.

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