Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 23, 2019

  • I looked through the other postcards my father sent his parents when he was stationed overseas and the only one dated was the one I posted yesterday. However, one is postmarked on January 1, 19-sixty-something. I may post the rest sometime in the future.
  • Speaking of my father’s parents, his mother died 33 years ago today. No need to offer any condolences, it’s been 33 years. She’s buried in the cemetery between Mineral Wells and Weatherford.
  • For the few folks who care about the Mineral Wells comments yesterday:
    • I’m surprised but happy to hear Wilmer Crum is still alive. I can’t name another Wilmer.
    • The Wilmer Crum building I was referring to was on one of the northern blocks of Highway 180 and NE 40th Ave. I remember the top front of the building was blue, possibly made of sheet metal, and “Wilmer Crum” was in big white letters.
    • I remember the car dealership across from the country club as Barnett Motors. I attended high school with the owner’s son. There’s no telling how many different names that car dealership has been through.
    • When my father was teaching me to drive, I use to chauffeur him to and fro Weatherford and Fort Worth. One little lesson which has stuck in my mind is to move to the left lane of the highway as we near the brick plant to avoid any cars slowing down to take a right onto the base. Sure, the base was closed for decades at that point, but he still preferred me to get in that other lane and I didn’t want to risk any potential driving opportunities.
  • ABC has a new show which is basically a reboot of ‘Green Acres’ called ‘Bless This Mess’. The network runs a lot of commercials for it and for the longest time I thought Amanda Peet was the actress in the show, but it’s actually Lake Bell.
  • Meet The Man Responsible For Restoring The Art In Notre Dame Cathedral. He’s The Insurance Agent
    • Officially, Honore’s job is to assess the damage caused by the fire for the purpose of insurance claims. But to perform that role properly, he must understand the value of the art himself and assemble a team of artisans to help with the restoration.
    • Yet he had little time to contemplate the pain. As firefighters worked to stop the blaze, Honore was already assembling a team of 30 specialists in sculpture, stained glass, fabrics, painting, frames, ancient instruments, and more. These are the people who will work on assessing the state of the Treasure and restoring the cathedral’s damaged altar.
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  1. Garry says:

    So, having grown up in Weatherford, I remember Mineral Wells through a a particular lens. It was a good football rivalry due to the (lack of) distance between the two cities. Prior to the game, boosters would cook a goat for the team to consume (Mineral Wells mascot was the rams.) Our marching band was very precise, but the rumor was they had trouble marching on the field in Mineral Wells because it was actually shorter than 100 yards (not verified.) I remember long-long convoys of military vehicles passing through town when I was young. One time, a helicopter from Ft. Wolters landed in a field about a block from my house, due to a technical issue. The pilots entertained the kids from the neighborhood, letting is get an up-close view, while waiting for help to drive over from the base. We were also treated to dramatic views of other military aircraft from Carswell AirForce base in Ft Worth. Huge B-52 bombers, and the F-111 fighters that would regularly provide sonic booms that would rattle the windows. We (the neighborhood kids) would leave the house on our bikes in the morning, and not return until the street lights came on, and our parents didn’t worry, and somehow we didn’t die. It’s kind-of a shame children today don’t get that opportunity…but then again, I didn’t have a computer. Damn, I’m old.

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