Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 11, 2019

  • A big thank-you to the San Antonio Spurs. That was a classy move with the way they introduced Dirk when the opposing team starting lineup was announced. Like all home teams, they announce each opposing player in the most mundane way. However, when they got to Dirk, they turned out the lights, played a tribute video, and then announced Dirk with so much fanfare you’d think he was a hometown hero. Their former nemesis was brought to tears.
  • I hope one of our local media outlets will get the backstory on how the Mavs got those NBA legends to show up for Dirk’s tribute and how they kept it so secret. When did they fly in? How and when did they get to the arena without anyone noticing? How long ago was this planned? What’s a chafing dish?
  • The upstairs toilet decided to overflow, but it wasn’t from the bowl, it was coming from the tank. The flush valve wouldn’t shut off, so the tank kept filling and water exited from the toilet handle. This was discovered when one of the kids noticed water was rapidly dripping from one of the downstairs fire alarms and the light fixture (which looks like a small fishbowl) was half full of water. The first thing I did was shut off the main power. I simply don’t mess around with electricity. After shutting off water to the toilet, I removed the fire alarm and light fixture from the ceiling and dried everything as much as possible. The drywall ceiling was a bit damp and only shows damage if you stare at it. I was puzzled with what to do to prevent mold, there was no open access area to dry the area between floors, I’d have to cut through the drywall. I think we were lucky we caught it in time that there wasn’t enough water to really soak or flood the house.
  • This is one of the better articles you’ll ever read about AI. It delves into the difference between AI and automation and how it represents more of a marketing term than a technical one.
  • Incredible Video Offers A Shark’s-Eye View Of A Great White Hunting
  • I’m enjoying all this black hole coverage. I became enamored with the black hole ever since I watched Interstellar, and the movie got so much right, despite the title of this article.
  • I really like these two videos from this scientist. He posted the first video a day or two before the photo was revealed predicting what it would look like, and he was dead on. It one of those you don’t think you’ll watch all the way through since it nine minutes long, but he pulls you in with his gift of teaching. The second video was posted after the image of the black hole was revealed and provides some great background and graphics which really conceptualizes it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a tip regarding leak….We always shut off toilet, clothes washer water valves when on a trip- think how much worse it could have been had you been away for a time. Glad the kiddos were observant!

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