Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 15, 2019

  • The world is simply a better place when a 43-year-old balding half-Asian with a fused spine with a deceased military father is atop the golf world. I’m exactly like Tiger except for the golf, money, and fame. I mean, we were both married to former Swedish models and have done questionable things on Ambien. But I think my quarter-Asian kids could outsmart his quarter-Asian kids.
  • I think I looked forward to the ‘Game of Thrones’ season premiere than I have any sporting event of the past five years.
  • I’ve always hugged a pillow when going to sleep for the night.
  • Just about anytime I hear someone say “quit it,” I think I hear “Quidditch,” even though I’ve never read or seen any Harry Potter material.
  • Back in my day, guys were upset at mothers for throwing out baseball cards – Man sues parents over trashed porn collection
    • Charlie filed a police report estimating the value of his collection to be $28,940.72. The prosecutor’s office declined to file charges against his parents.
  • It’s going to be a very busy week at work, I may put this blog on the backburner.
  • Meet the People Who Still Have AOL Email AddressesIt’s not just Mike Pence and your grandma — a lot of people still use AOL and EarthLink, and pay for the privilege
    • This is amazing, it’s estimated company AOL’s parent company, Verizon. made $400 million from email and dial-up in 2018.
    • Sometimes I get made fun of for still having a Hotmail account, but it’s free and it’s the one all my contacts have. I’d rather them just have this old email address instead of me sending a mass email telling everyone I have a new email address. And, I use that one to receive to give out to companies, I don’t mind that account getting spam.
  • Charmin is selling something called the Forever Roll. It comes in either an 850-sheet roll or a 1700-sheet roll of two-ply tissue paper. It reminds me of the paper thin gigantic rolls my college dorm use to provide.
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