Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, October 2, 2018

  • Silly me, I always thought it was “Texas Women’s University” but it’s actually “Texas Woman’s University“. I’m not why it isn’t the former, I’m gonna guess because of some sort of grammatical rule I’m not too keen on. A curious search didn’t yield any answers. However, to my astonishment, it was originally named the “Texas Industrial Institute and College for the Education of White Girls of the State of Texas in the Arts and Sciences“.
  • Texas Woman’s University is one of four independent public universities in Texas not affiliated with one of the public university systems in the state. Can you name the other three?
  • My life already feels like an episode – Netflix Is Planning a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘Black Mirror’
  • Flipping channels last night, I noticed Carl Weathers was a guest star on the reboot of ‘Magnum PI’. What made me laugh was he was standing next to the two Dobermans, who I always thought had fantastic names, Zeus and Appollo. As you’ll recall, Carl Weather played “Appollo Creed” in the Rocky movies, so I got a chuckle out that. Weathers, btw, is now 70 years old and looks great. Sylvester Stallone looks great for a 72-year-old, but looks freaky, unlike Weathers.
  • Speaking of dog names, I wanted to name OtherDogGeedingII “Roosevelt” but got voted down by the family. The kids at one point wanted to name him “Teddy” because he looks a bit like a teddy bear. That made me think of Teddy Roosevelt, then my love for presidential history and my father’s favorite president, Franklin. This all started while watching a Cowboys game when I spotted Jerry Jones’ driver, Roosevelt. I play this “game” every time Jerry is on the screen and see if I can spot Roosevelt, who is almost always by his side and always wearing sunglasses.
  • Lenovo Unveils Star Trek Enterprise Shaped PC
  • Kodak relaunches Ektachrome film after 6-year absence
    • Five years after taking it off the shelves, the company believes there’s enough demand for the 35mm color transparency film to give it a second go, a move that looks set to delight long-time film fans in the business of taking stills as well as moving pictures.
  • Mickey Mouse expelled from Egypt schools
    • “We need to replace pictures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck with images of famous Egyptians and military martyrs, so that children will look up to them as role models. These characters are US-made, whereas we have our own noble figures who can deepen children’s patriotism and love of country,” Alaa Abdul-Halim Mohammed Marzouk told reporters.
  • For you ‘Better Call Saul’ fans, there is indeed a Baylor Street in Lubbock, but there is no house or building number of 8783.
  • Mara Wilson: Matilda and Me at 30
  • ‘Banned in 46 countries’ – is Faces of Death the most shocking film ever?
    • It is regarded as one of the most depraved films ever – a ‘shockumentary’ full of autopsies, plane crashes and executions. Why was Faces of Death so influential? And does its director have any regrets?
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, October 2, 2018

  1. RPM says:

    My first dog was named after JFK. My family got him right after the assassination. He was a very good boy.

  2. Ben says:

    Another interesting note, Tarleton State University is the only university in the Texas A&M system that doesn’t have the Letters “A&M” in its name. Back in the early 90’s when I was a student there, it was proposed that the name of the university be changed to “Texas A&M University at Tarleton Station” but the students voted it down with a resounding “NO!” There where even t-shirts going around saying “Where the hell is Texas A&M?” on the front, and “176 mile from Tarleton State” on the back. Civil disobedience at its finest!

  3. Ben W. says:

    Man, I remember watching Faces of Death when I was a teenager. My dad is a funeral director, and by that time I had already been around dead people (even murder victims), but it was still such a crazy series of videos to see. I don’t remember being able to identify that any of it was fake at the time, but to read now that some of it was isn’t surprising.

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