Bag of Randomness for Monday, October 1, 2018

  • The kids’ school pictures are in. I love them both from a dental perspective. BoyGeeding is missing his two front top teeth and DaughterGeeding is sporting braces for the first time. Also, it’s the first time she’s had bangs. She’s not happy with the picture because she wished he wore her hear down.
  • BoyGeeding wants to be Indiana Jones for Halloween. I planned on putting together his costume by purchasing individual pieces. I checked a consignment store in Grapevine to try to find a cheap jacket, pants, and a shirt which could pass for what the character wears. Luckily, I found the costume (shirt, jacket, pants, no hat) in his size for $3.52 and quickly pulled the trigger. Thankfully the logo on the jacket isn’t as large or noticeable as the one in the link. To add to my luck, Amazon had a decent version of the hat for only ten bucks. But perhaps my most enjoyable moment was placing the hat on his head as well as I could in the following manner. For a moment, I felt like we were transported into the movie.
  • While searching Indiana Jones wardrobe stuff I came across a website which provides an astonishing amount of detail. Check out their page about the fedora and the recommended vendors area and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
  • DaughterGeeding and I watched the season premiere of ‘Young Sheldon together and I’d like to point out two things.
    • The episode focuses on Sheldon taking apart the refrigerator and his father having to call a repairman to put it back together. The bill was $200 and Sheldon’s father made him pay it back by working a newspaper route. DaughterGeeding didn’t understand the concept of newspaper delivery. I had to explain to her how my parents would subscribe to the local paper and it was delivered to us every day and that’s how we got our local news, computers and mobile phones couldn’t perform those tasks at the time. It was delivered to us because someone picked up a stack of freshly published newspapers from the press, wrapped them up with a rubber band, and tossed the paper in our yard by driving by. I explained there was an “art” to throwing the paper through the car window or from a bicycle. Then it was a trip down memory lane explaining how sometimes the paper would get wet from the rain and the challenge of trying to dry the paper, separating the pages without tearing them and setting it out to dry.
    • Sheldon became frustrated at his lack of progress of being able to pay his father back and yelled the following towards him, “I’m not just tired, I’m exhausted. Everything hurts. I get up in the morning to do this job I don’t even like. And I’m just doing it for the money, and it’s not even a lot of money. I keep trying harder and harder and it doesn’t even make a difference. So if you are going to yell at me or punish me let’s just it get over with.”
      • I immediately paused the show and had a conversation with DaughterGeeding how many adults feel exactly the way Sheldon does. That for many (not all) of them, are in that position because they did something to close themselves off from other preferable opportunities. While no one is better than another person and there is honor in their work to provide for themselves and their family, she needs to take education seriously so not to limit her opportunities to do whatever she wants.
  • Somewhat related to that last bullet point, while watching a ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ segment on Ted Turner, I had to call her in the room. While at Brown University, Turner memorized “Horatius at the Bridge“, a poem about an ancient hero confronting insurmountable odds, and recited it from memory in his interview with Ted Koppel. DaughterGeeding is currently studying the poem at school and memorizing it for a recitation assignment. It was another good lesson on the importance of being cultured and helping her see what she is being taught can be related to something in the real world.
  • Speaking of Brown University – No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Tab With Their Personal Data
  • WifeGeeding told me while she and BoyGeeding were on a walk, he asked her when my back will be 100% better.
  • On Saturday, a Tennessee State football player underwent emergency surgery after suffering a head injury. Oddly, they can’t find a cause for the injury and he simply collapsed after coming off the football field.
  • James Comey wrote an op-ed on what the FBI is tasked with this week.
  • Thirty years after the Seoul Olympics, Ben Johnson finally saw the evidence used to disqualify him – “If I had seen this in Seoul, I would have kept my medal,” Johnson says while reading pages from the September 1988 lab report containing his drug-testing results.
  • Brain-to-brain network allows three people to share their thoughts
  • Dak has a better deep ball than I thought and the Cowboys don’t utilize it enough.
  • After the Cowboys game, the family decorated the GeedingManor for Halloween. It’s hard to see the two black spiders on the web.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, October 1, 2018

  1. Kathy says:

    You are such a good parent. Your kids are lucky to have you and will have a lifetime of benefit from your guidance.

  2. Bryan B says:

    Great point about Dak and I think that’s indicative of the biggest problem with the Cowboys: coaches.

  3. RPM says:

    Your kids are incredibly cute. You two are doing a great job as parents.

    Umm, shouldn’t that be stately Geeding Manor?

  4. Suzi says:

    I like GirlGeeding’s hair. She looks very sophisticated 🙂

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