Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 23, 2018

  • It’s starting to look like the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un won’t take place. It was always hard for me to believe he would ever leave his country out of fear and paranoia, he’s only left it once as the ruling leader and that was to boarding country and ally China. When the notion of the meeting taking place at the DMZ, that’s when I thought things would really take place.
  • CBS11 had a segment on the high salary and perks of area school superintendents. For instance, Grand Prairie ISD will pay Dr. Susan Hull an additional $75,000 this year, on top of her $390,795 salary, which includes items such as a $1,000 monthly housing allowance, $1,000 monthly automobile allowance, and $50,000 district investment as a “retention supplement”. But it was this a $1.2 million interest-free loan for Highland Parks’s superintendent that made me raise an eyebrow.
  • Valley Ranch, the old home of the Cowboys, will be turned into single-family housing.
  • SiriusXM will have a dedicated U2 station for the entire month of June.
  • You can add celery to my list of enemies.
  • Three neurosurgeons from India wrote a paper on Michael Jackson’s iconic “Smooth Criminal” lean.
    • So no — MJ’s shoe-hitch isn’t new news, but, as the neurosurgeons elaborate, the mind-boggling feat could only occur with incredible core strength from the spinal and lower-limb muscles.
    • Trained dancers can lean forward a maximum of 25 to 30 degrees, but even then, it can put serious strain on the Achilles tendon. . .  the King of Pop achieved the 45-degree lean while keeping his spine straight, not just on video, but in live performances around the world.
  • Just a few more episodes left of ‘The Americans’ – I was chief of disguise at CIA. ‘The Americans’ got a lot right
  • YouTube – KTLA helicopter started following the wrong car in a pursuit
  • Judge orders 30-year-old son to leave parents’ home after they sued him
  • I share a lot of the same readers as, and I too have noticed his unexpected absence and because of it, my morning schedule is also a bit off kilter. I have no news to share, and even if I did, that’s something for him to share, not me. Whatever is the case, I just want safety and happiness for him and his loved ones. Courage.
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14 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 23, 2018

  1. Alec666 says:

    “I just want safety and happiness for him and his loved ones. Courage”
    Great Keith, with those words, now I’m really worried…

    • Geeding says:

      Opps, I didn’t mean to make it sound glum but I totally see why you’d say that. That’s what I get for blogging on Ambien. I should have phrased it better. Saying “I hope for the best” sounded too cliche. Sorry about that.

  2. Purplee33 says:

    Thank you for voicing our concerns for LL, you said it much better than I could have. Both of your blogs have become an important part of my day.

  3. Triple Fake says:

    I wonder if ol’ Barry just got fed up with all the vitriol and decided it wasn’t worth the aggravation. It was getting increasingly difficult to read all the nasty attacks lately directed toward him and between commenters. Maybe it would have helped if he had instituted a civility policy.
    “I just want safety and happiness for him and his loved ones. Courage”

    “Green! Come back! Greeeeen!”
    Triple Fake Joey Starrett

  4. Bryan says:

    Barry said he had something keeping him offline the rest of the last day he posted and I would assume his absence is related. I hope everything is alright. He puts up with a lot of crap in his comments, but he’s always struck me as someone that has pretty thick skin.

  5. B. Pat Gray says:

    As the hardest working man in show business, it would only make sense that he has something great going on.
    I follow both blogs with Feedly and often go directly to his website hoping it was an issue with Feedly.

  6. Laura says:

    I too, miss Barry. Hurry up and blog, man!

  7. Baylor Too says:

    He got contacted by the WaPo the week before he disappeared. I presume he’s in a witness protection program now. At least he left us with an awesome RTG.

  8. Sam from Muleshoe says:

    So…. if / when you consciously quit a daily blog by choice….do you go cold turkey and ghost or just spatter a few here and there and then fizzle out?

    • Geeding says:

      As General MacArthur famously said, “d bloggers never die, they just fade away.” Or something like that. So I imagine I would just sputter out.

  9. RPM says:

    I’m slightly concerned, but most likely Barry is either sipping margaritas in Costa Rica or busy with something important.

  10. Sam from Muleshoe says:

    Barry is a public guy and works a public job….so those who know him locally, would know if something big is going on in life to divert the regular blog.

    He has built a loyal following from afar as has our own Mr. Geeding who just enjoy the perspectives on life, and it’s certainly mental work to do a blog on the regular and could see some him walking away for a few few days and let the brain relax….its just that he’s never done it in the many years I’ve followed.

    Don’t mean to hijack your comment blog Geeding, but this seems to be the only online connection of readers. Thanks for what you do to your bodies for our entertainment.

    • Geeding says:

      No worries, Sam. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. A lot of folks assume Mr. Green and myself are very close and I’ve been getting asked about him on this forum as well as Twitter and email. It’s nice to see that they care and I understand that we’ve become a part of a handful of folk’s morning routine. I didn’t want to appear as insensitive by ignoring anyone or think I was dodging anything. And I wanted to provide a chance for his readers to express themselves, but not in a LiberallyLean sort of way, in a more cordial BagOfNothing sort of way.

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