Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 24, 2018

  • It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that despite randomly singing the song from time to time, there isn’t any ocean front property in Arizona.
  • The kids were unusually quiet on the drive to school yesterday. When I mentioned that to them, DaughterGeeding said, “I think we just have a case of the Mondays.” I guess I must have said that to them a time or two.
  • This summer will mark the twentieth anniversary of my father’s death. In two years, I will have lived longer without him in my life than I had with him.
  • There have always been jokes about fathers being overly protective of their daughters, especially when it comes to prom night. Heck, my buddies and I have joked about me cleaning a gun the first time a boy takes DaughterGeeding on a date. Recently, former NFL kicker Jay Feely’s daughter went on a prom date and he posed for a picture with the couple holding a gun and it upset a lot of people. At first, I thought people were being too sensitive about it and should lighten up. But then two thoughts entered my mind. One, there’s been a lot of school shootings as of late. So, even though it’s an old tired joke and I’m sure he meant no ill intent, it might have been a bit insensitive on his part. Also, I thought what if it was my son in that picture who was taking his daughter to prom. Even if it were a joke, I think I’d feel uncomfortable at the smallest implication my son would be shot.
  • Our local Costco got new shopping carts, 300 of them. Yup, that’s the kind of exciting news you get reading this blog.
  • No word if there are any hidden vaults – Al Capone’s Palm Island Compound Is For Sale
  • GIF – Feeding a bee sugar water
  • I received an email from U2 yesterday about the start of their new tour next week confirming augmented reality.
    • The tour opens in Tulsa next week and as of now you can download the U2 AR eXPERIENCE App which promises a new kind of experience at a U2 show. #U2eiTour will see a specially curated AR scene-setter—triggered by the 100-foot-long LED wall running the length of the arena floor—herald the band’s arrival on stage.
  • A parrot will announce one of the Buccaneers’ NFL draft picks
  • After 14 hours of surgery, a veteran of the US Armed Forces has a new, transplanted penis and scrotum – The procedure took 11 surgeons 14 hours to complete
  • Pretty nifty roofing machine

Roofers Have a New Weapon (stapler and cutter)

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  1. JayF says:

    People are being too sensitive about the pic, but maybe he could have not shared it with the whole world, apparently not everyone viewing those pics thinks the same way as myself and Mr. Feely. If my son were seeing that young lady in the pic I would tell him, “Don’t do anything your not supposed to do and you’ll be fine.” The pistol wouldn’t bother me a bit.

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