Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 23, 2018

  • I’ve mentioned my best buddy, Jimi, whose father died from a fall at a construction site. The funeral was this past Saturday. Jimi made all the arrangements and delivered one of the eulogies to a crowd of about 400, and he was outstanding. I was very proud of him.
  • I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve felt exceptionally respected or valued. It happened on Saturday when my best buddy quoted and referenced me in his father’s eulogy. It was totally unexpected and despite what Bob and Dan might say, humbling.
  • I’ve mentioned that Jimi’s father was an alcoholic and was very involved in Alcoholics Anonymous, in which I’m all things ignorant. It’s interesting getting a peak in their world. His sobriety date was referenced several times and one of the men who spoke made sure to provide his date of sobriety.
  • Jimi’s father had a dog who was at the service and roamed freely. Sometimes he’d wander in the crowd and sometimes you’d spot him on the stage/altar. I say more funerals and church services, in general, need a roaming animal.
  • Oddly, an ample supply of food and refreshments were available before and after the service on both sides of the auditorium. I say more funerals, weddings, and church services, in general, need an ample supply of food and beverages before and after.
  • The pastor went long, like too long, using five different examples to drive home his message. I think WifeGeeding counted six examples. One of my friends who is also a pastor attended, he also thought the pastor went long.
  • The man sitting in front of me had a lot of small scabs, like on his hair follicles. I couldn’t tell if they were hair plugs or if his hair caught fire.
  • It’s to mourn Barbara Bush. She lived such a long and great life. That’s not to say her death didn’t make me a bit sad, reflective, and appreciative of her contribution to our country, but it was hard to mourn.
  • @betsy_klein – .@BillClinton on Barbara Bush: “I know what it’s like to be a spouse as well as a candidate, and I imagine it took her a lot longer to forgive me than it did him… but I’d walk across coals for her.”
  • Melania Trump takes White House staffers who knew Barbara Bush to funeral
    • Trump was accompanied by former White House head maitre d’ George Hainey and current White House usher Buddy Carter, the first lady’s office said. “She knew they were very close to the Bush family and wanted them to be able to pay their respects,” spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said.
  • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with President GHW Bush’s office sharing this picture, but it’s so intimate, I feel like I was intruding when I first saw it.
  • No need to offer any condolences, but my grandmother died 32-years ago today. It was the first death in my life, but I never got to see her body so while it was sad, it didn’t seem real. She died in California and was shipped to Texas. There was a delay in shipping and a flight delay, so no one here really got to see her and I’m told she was literally late to her own funeral.
  • I caught the live stream of Bono and George W. Bush accepting questions after the former president presented the Irish rocker with his inaugural leadership award. There’s so much I’d like to say but here’s a quicky:
    • Real bluebonnets were in the background, nice touch.
    • W was the most at ease I’ve ever seen him.
    • Laura was asked to come on stage, and Bono, ever the gentleman, helped her up.
    • W made a great point, neither of them appealed to the other’s bases. W didn’t say it, but he risked a lot more, political capital wise, with his base than Bono did his. Good for him for putting the needs of others over some sort of political capital. Man, there’s so much I disagree with W about but he really won me over.
    • Bono has made it a habit of turning down most awards but he thought in accepting this one he could highlight W’s accomplishments that many have overlooked.
  • I posted a Dallas Morning News piece last week by Peggy Wehmeyer who wrote about losing her faith. Here are some letters to the editor about it.
  • Google Photos is rolling out a friendlier and more powerful movie editor
  • ‘The Simpson’s’ will break the ‘Gunsmoke’ longevity record this coming Sunday.
  • This man is as sweet as syrup, I love the honesty – Hero customer rushes Waffle House killer and rips away his assault-style rifle
    • You know, it makes total sense, but I never considered how hot the barrel would be – Shaw was grazed by a bullet on his elbow while grappling with the gunman. He also burned his right hand grabbing the barrel of the weapon, which police called an “assault-type rifle.”
    • But Shaw, 29, insists he wasn’t heroic. He says he was actually being selfish.
      “I did that completely out of a selfish act,” Shaw told reporters on Sunday. “I was completely doing it just to save myself. I don’t want people to think that I was the Terminator or Superman or anybody like that. I figured if I was going to die, he was going to have to work for it.”
    • And he didn’t let this interrupt his Sunday routine – Still, that didn’t stop Shaw from going to church with his father Sunday morning, mere hours after he’d confronted the gunman.
    • In his interview with WSMVShaw broke down thinking about the people he couldn’t save and apologized to their families. “There’s four families that are grieving right now. So much life was lost for no reason. I feel like it could be very selfish of me if I didn’t point it out. And I apologize,” he said.
    • And her realizes how much bigger this event is than just him – “But I know it’s going to take time. I’m going to try to talk to some professional help, ’cause I know what I saw is probably not normal or average.”
  • Wikipedia has added page previews for easier browsing
  • That seal really wanted that fish.

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  1. Alec666 says:

    I like Mr Shaw’s humilty and candor (I was selfish, I was just trying to save my own hyde). In one of the interviews he went third person causing my son and I to say “Jimmy is sweet on you”.

  2. RPM says:

    It may break the TV record, but Gunsmoke had a long run on radio before moving to TV. William Conrad (Cannon) played Matt Dillon, Parley Baer (Mayberry mayor) played Chester and Howard McNear (Floyd the barber) played Doc. Marshal Dillon was a lot meaner on radio.

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