Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 2, 2018

  • I was talking to WifeGeeding how I’d like to build a walk-in shower but it’s on feasible with how our bathroom is designed. DaughterGeeding asked us to describe what a walk-in shower looks like and an hour later surprised with her version of one.
  • As you may recall, WifeGeeding’s father took our kids fishing when they visited him during spring break. When they left, he decided he wanted to buy them fishing poles and related gear. He’s old school, no smartphone, not texting, no email address, heck, no internet. So, we’re not expecting a thing from Amazon from him. However, he went to several stores and compared several items and took notes. He then called his daughter and told her exactly what fishing stuff to buy (Zebco fishing rod, tackle box, etc) and he’d sent her a check in the mail. The fishing stuff was an Easter present from him to them.
  • In the Eighties when G.I. Joe was huge, my friends and I used tackle boxes to store and carry our action figures around. Each figure fit perfect in each slot and the larger section on the bottom could carry some small vehicles. They were perfect, but I wonder if kids in other parts used a tackle box for G.I. Joes.
  • Just an observation, not judgment, but I never knew of the Book of Common Prayer until it was used at a non-denominational church I used to attend. I understand how ritual can take become repeatedly boring and substance can drip away, but I find those prayers beautiful. It wasn’t until I visited the Methodist church WifeGeeding’s parents attend that I experienced the pastor saying something and the congregation verbally replying back. My church does that. Our pastor starts the service by saying, “Christ be with you.” The congregation will reply back, “And also with you.” He then says, “Let us worship, God” and the choir/band kicks in. I like it.
  • My pastor will be retiring sometime next year, he’s in his¬†sixties. I’ve often thought of doing a BagOfNothing podcast interviewing certain people significant in my life. He would be an interesting guest. There’s a ton of stuff I’d like to ask him, and I’d do what I can to avoid run of the mill questions. “The Church” has changed a lot in his lifetime, so has his denomination and the actual building itself. He’s the founding pastor of our church. Heck, the world has changed a lot. I’m sure his perspective of the world and certain things have evolved. I’d like to know if he’s pieced together or thought much of his last sermon he will deliver as leader of our church. I love having an “older” pastor. Maybe because it’s because I no longer have living parents and he¬†fills a parental role. He’s a literal elder statesman for me. It’s weird getting older and having pastors younger than you.
  • I always thought my first podcast guest would be that former district attorney running a blog out of Wise County, and that being our first ever time to ever see to speak to one another. But I have a feeling we’ll never meet unless it’s a chance encounter.
  • It took me a while to figure out why everyone in DFW was tweeting about Kate Upton being spotted in several places in the area this weekend. The Rangers opened up against the Astros and her husband was pitching.
  • No matter the sport, if you win the championship, you deserve to have your first game of the season be a home game.
  • How Bootleg Fast Food Conquered IranMash Donalds, Sheak Shack, and Pizza Hat are very popular.
  • New York district judge apologizes, admits he’s serial underwear stealer
  • Iowa man wins legal battle to say hometown stinks
  • The detailed analysis of these two Connect Four box covers is quite amazing.
  • “Bad” is one of my favorite U2 songs. Eddie Vedder recently covered it at a performance but footage of it keeps getting taken down. Here’s a snippet. He also covered John Lennon’s “Imagine”.
  • The city of Coppell had a special Easter egg hunt for children who are sensitive to a lot of stimuli. Basically, the hunt didn’t have music blaring and was toned down a lot.
  • The White House released a photo of the spring intern class, there’s not a lot of diversity.
  • Baylor paid Art Briles $15.1 million after ouster
    • Baylor University paid former football coach Art Briles $15.1 million and former president Kenneth Starr $4.5 million after they were forced out in the wake of the university’s sexual assault scandal in 2016, according to federal tax forms recently filed by the school.
  • ‘If it’s Christian it should be better’: Liberty University opens ‘luxurious’ gun range
  • Iowa man wins legal battle to say hometown stinks
  • This story is over a year old, but the picture comparison is powerful. It’s a bit crazy so many kids had stomach aches from Easter candy yesterday and others simply need water.
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  1. John Mackovic says:

    I kept all of my G.I. Joe stuff in an old army foot locker.

    I did model rockets as a kid and I kept that stuff in a tackle box because the rocket engines fit perfectly in those slots.

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