Bag of Randomness for Friday, November 3, 2017

  • DaughterGeeding is training for her black belt. As motivation, her instructor monograms them and hangs them on the wall.
  • Yesterday I learned former Dallas Cowboy Isaiah Stanback lives in my neighborhood. He was promoting a nearby fitness company he co-owns on a neighborhood message board. He was part of the Giants Super Bowl winning team.
  • In case you ever wondered what those little black dots and black band running along the edge of the automobile’s glass are, it’s called the frit and they serve several purposes.
    • Most importantly, it acts to prevents ultraviolet sun rays from deteriorating the urethane sealant. That matters, because the sealant doesn’t just keep rain out of the car, it actually holds the glass in place.
    • The frit band also acts to provide a rougher surface for that adhesive to stick to, and it’s a visual barrier, preventing people from seeing that nasty glue from outside.
  • Why is she buying a pool at this time of year?
  • Dilapidated Vista Ridge Mall was recently sold and now will become Music City Mall at Vista Ridge. The new owners plan on bringing in live music acts to draw in the crowds. They also want to ‘MURCIA up the place a bit:
    • Two other unique features are planned for the mall as well: a 30- by 60-foot American flag at the top of a 130-foot flagpole on the property close to I-35, and a large marble slab monument containing the Ten Commandments.
  • These kids look cute in their Donald and Melania Trump costumes. Speaking of President Trump, I just noticed he combs his hair over his ear. That would bother the heck out of me, I would get that tickling feeling all the time.
  • A few more thoughts and tidbits from my book about the relationships amongst presidents:
    • In retirement, the elder Bush was known to spend entire mornings at his computer skimming the internet for news, gossip, criticism, and even wild conspiracy theories to amuse himself.
    • When his son was in office, Bush41 would often start the day typing an angry email to some columnist or pundit that disapprove something his son said or done, but deleting the message entirely or only saving it as a draft. As you can see, like any father, it was hard on him seeing his son be criticized.
    • Both Bush41 and Bush43 felt it was a hard task keeping Barbara and her sharp tongue at bay.
    • This quote by George W. Bush meeting with his father and Bill Clinton made me laugh, “Tell 41 and 42 that 43 is hungry.”
    • Back in 2006, Bush41 was stuck in NYC while his private jet had unscheduled maintenance. He turned to an aide and said, “I’m going to visit Bill.” Moments later, he and his Secret Service detailed arrived at Clinton’s Harlem office, but there was one problem, Bill wasn’t in town, or even in the state. Bush decided to tour the office and make the rounds posing for pictures and entered Clinton’s personal office, sat in his big chair, and put his feet up on his desk. He then called Bill on speakerphone and asked where he was and asked if he had any idea where he currently was.
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