Bag of Randomness for Halloween 2017

    • There’s an over 80% chance of rain during prime trick-or-treating hours tonight. Because of that, we took the kids to a Holloween related event last night.
    • John Boehner UnchainedThe former House speaker feels liberated—but he’s also seething about what happened to his party.
      • This is a long read but I really enjoyed it. Some highlights (language warning):
        • His heckling once provoked Don Young, an Alaskan himself, to pin Boehner against a wall inside the House chamber and hold a 10-inch knife to his throat. Boehner says he stared Young in the eyes and said, “Fuck you.” (Young says this account is “mostly true,” but notes that the two became good friends, with Boehner later serving as his best man.
        • The Boehners, like others who knew him, were dumbfounded. “Denny Hastert was the nicest guy,” Debbie says. “But you know what? His wife never came to D.C.” Did they ever notice anything unusual, I ask? “Only his staff,” Boehner tells me. “He had more gay staff than anybody I knew—at a time when it was a bit unusual.”
        • Boehner, point, surprises me by saying he’s proud of Cruz—whom he once called “Lucifer in the flesh”—for acting responsibly in 2017. Do you feel badly about calling him Lucifer, I ask? “No!” Boehner snorts. “He’s the most miserable son of a bitch I’ve ever had to work with.
        • “So 43 says, ‘Hey, are you talking to Ryan? Are you giving him advice?’ I said, ‘Yeah, if he calls I give him advice.’” Boehner takes a long, satisfied drag. “And he texts me back: ‘He needs to call you more.’”
        • Boehner tells me that when Bush, while in office, refused to join Burning Tree—due to the optics of a president golfing someplace women aren’t allowed—he told the commander in chief, “You’re a pussy.” Years later, when Bush became a member after leaving the White House, Boehner says he told Bush: “You’re still a pussy.”
        • Ryan has, however, found comfort in torturing Boehner: The speaker inherited his predecessor’s security detail, and whereas Boehner demanded they be freshly shaven Ryan let them grow unruly beards—pictures of which are often texted to their former boss, code name “Tan Man.”)
    • – The Making of Tony Romo, CBS NFL Analyst
      • I had no idea Brad Sham helped him out:
        • Prior to the exhibition season, Romo called numerous games off videotape in a Dallas-area studio alongside Cowboys radio voice Brad Sham.
      • Romo had to learn replay angle titles such as “cart angle,” which is an isolated camera on the quarterback or “Pitt framing,” which is the camera ISO that goes from tackle to tackle and covers all the interior line play. Rikhoff said there are various names of ISOs that cover specific parts of the field and/or players.
    • Just because…

Chewpaca the alpaca playing chase 

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    RE: Chicken Fried Steak

    Yeah, I know I'm late on this one, got distracted…..

    I had a chicken fried steak at Outback just last week and I know they have them at Texas Roadhouse but they call them Country Fried steaks there. Cracker Barrel has chicken fried steak also.

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