Bag of Randomness for Monday, June, 19, 2017

  • Those blocks in the image above were my favorite classroom toy in kindergarten. I always tried to build the “G-Force” plane with them. I’m sure only a handful of you remember G-Force or ‘Battle of the Planets’, but you can stream them all for free here. And if I recall correctly, the back of that plane had a mini-jet that could detach.
  • I’m thinking Voltron wasn’t a lot different than G-Force. Both had five main characters. Each had a kid. Each had a woman. Each had a fat guy.
  • The retired NFL lineman hasn’t been seen since he put a “For Sale” sign in his yard about a month ago, so I thought he already moved back to Wisconsin. Before the sign was in his yard, I spotted him loading up a horse trailer full of his and his wife’s belongings. I recently noticed the house is in a “pending sale” status and was expecting to see the new neighbors. However, on Friday, he was back, shirtless, with his horse trailer loading up more furniture and belongings. On one hand, I’m thinking he’s a multi-millionaire and can easily pay someone to move everything for him. But on the other hand, he’s retired and has “nothing to do” and he’s the down-to-earth guy that enjoys doing things himself.
  • We ate breakfast at Denny’s on Father’s Day. I noticed a woman, probably mid-seventies, order a chocolate milkshake at 8:15 AM. After the milkshake, she had eggs and bacon. She wasn’t obese or anything and looked like she was in good health.
  • The kids also made me “U2” cookies for Father’s Day. And, much to WifeGeeding’s chagrin, I shaved the mustache part of my beard off, embracing my half-Asian-Amish roots.
  • I’m not implying anything personal, but I’m curious to know the percentage of in-law-children who acknowledge their mother or father-in-law on Mother’s and Father’s Day.  You know, like a card, a phone call, or even a text saying “Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day”. I’m also curious the percentage of mothers or fathers-in-law who acknowledge their sons or daughters-in-law on those stated days.
  • Before marriage, I think everyone should live alone for at least one year. Solitude has many benefits, and you get to know how clean or messy you are and can’t blame anyone but yourself. You also learn independence and your true likes and dislikes.
  • We visited Nebraska Furniture Mart yesterday and they had a mini-donut stand in the parking lot. Let me clarify, the stand wasn’t mini, the donuts were mini. Also, a friend of mine who is obsessed with all things Disney spotted a hidden Mickey at the bottom of the stand.
  • Ted Nugent states he will be more civil and avoiding hateful speech, avoiding such things as telling Obama to ‘suck on my machine gun.’ I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and if I were an advisor for the former president, I’d invite him over for a beer and provide a photo-op both can share on social media.
  • Buffalo-area district delays first day of school due to U2, Beck concert
  • History is never as you remember it. I’m learning that lesson, yet again, as I watch the ESPN ’30 for ‘ on the Lakers and Celtics. That also means you may be too hard, or too soft, on yourself, for mistakes of the past you dwell on. Which leads me to something I read on Twitter recently – if you are depressed, you are focusing too much on the past, if you are anxious, you are focusing too much on the future.
  • Tune in tomorrow – same Bagtime, same Batwebpage.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, June, 19, 2017

  1. Jason Umlauf says:

    About the lady who had a chocolate milkshake before breakfast…a common phrase in my family is "life is uncertain, eat dessert first"

  2. faithful reader says:

    I'd forgotten about those blocks! Thanks for the memory jog!

  3. Mike Honcho says:

    Re: Blocks… YES!!! I played with those in kindergarten every day! The SOP was build a walkie talkie and then a pistol. Once complete, we ran around the room and played S.W.A.T. and had a ton of fun. We might have even been guilty of humming the theme song from the TV opening…

    Re: G Force… YES!!! Me, my sister, and my cousins all had the benefit of grandparents who lived "in-town". We all lived outside of town. So, the usual after-school SOP was to ride with our moms to Grandma's house, get a snack, and watch "BATTLE… OF… THE PLANETS!!!!" Mark, Jason, Princes, Keeyop, and Tiny. And of course the robot, 7 ZARK 7. Those were heady times for us.

    Bonus points: STAR BLAZERS. If you watched this daily anime series, you know what I'm talking about. FAN-Freaking-TASTIC. It came on before or after Battle of the Planets.

    Eventually those cartoons were replaced. One day I came into Grandma's living room and found my cousins watching a brand new channel. MTV. We simply watched music videos for hours and hours.

    Okay, I'm slipping into a GEN X Nostalgia Coma for the rest of the day.

    • Geeding says:

      I'm glad someone else shares my enthusiasm for Star Blazers. The theme song always got me pumped, and I think the caption was my first cartoon death, darn radiation poisoning. But I loved how the ship was a character itself. Hidden in the earth as a classic battle ship and made functional to fly into space. Even though the main blast cannon was awesome, I loved all the other three-cannon sets. As a child, I don't think I drew an object more than that ship, with the bottom painted red and jets flying out the rear with that huge engine. The Japanese made a live action movie of it, one day I plan on hunting it down and watching it with subtitles. Here's the movie trailer with Aroesmith playing in the background:

      • Mike Honcho says:

        That is awesome! Glad to know we share that in common. The whole serial story line, dramatic content, great anime really put this right in my wheel house as a kid.

        Thanks for sharing the link. I do need to see that some time. I go watch the original episodes on Youtube with my kids and they sort of get it. Sort of…

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