Bag of Randomness for Friday, June 16, 2017

  • I had my third steroid epidural on Wednesday. Before I was given anesthesia, the nurse asked who was driving me home. I said, “My mother….oh, I’m sorry, I mean, my wife.” The nurse laughed a little and told me that I said the exact same thing the previous two times. My mother has been dead eleven years and I can’t recall her ever driving me home for anything health related in my teen or adult years. I have no idea why I would say such a thing unless I miss her more than I thought.
  • The bat-signal shone over L.A. in honor of Adam West. That’s pretty darn cool. When I was a child, I used to try to make my own with a flashlight but it never looked very good.
  • I have no issue with Megyn Kelly interviewing Alex Jones. But I think it was a horrible idea for her to pose for a smug picture with him. It can perceive as an endorsement and looks unprofessional.
  • No spoilers – If you watched Season 5 Episode 8 of ‘House of Cards’ and was curious about “Elysian Fields”, then you should check out this Wiki page on Bohemian Grove.
  • Earlier this week, the Battleship Texas had a huge hole, but no loose lips were found so it didn’t sink – Crews found a 6 by 8 inch hole about 15 feet below the water line that was patched up at about 5:30 a.m. Monday.
  • Sometimes I go through life and something will happen or I find a great comparison to such and such and I think it would make a great sermon topic. For instance, I was walking the dog and wondering if he had any idea that I only give him just enough leash he could handle if he could see out far ahead as I could of any potential dangers that lie ahead, and how I sometimes have to yank him back for his own safety even though he looks confused as all get out.
  • The San Saba football stadium was built on a graveyard.
    • The team volunteered to help families move the tombstones dating back to the 1860′s to a cemetery being developed at the edge of town. The players admitted they were more interested in getting the property ready for a new football field and didn’t make sure all the tombstones and corpses were moved. During various construction projects over the years, a number of tombstones have been unearthed and after heavy rains, bones have risen to the top of the soil.
    • The older I get, the more I think burial is just a bad idea. After three generations, you are most likely forgotten. I doubt many can trace their family roots that far back by memory or even visit the graves of those three generations ago. It’s hard letting go of a loved one right after a death, but really, there’s no practical need to preserve a body and take up space in the ground. Many cemeteries are forgotten and unkept. Heck, DART recently found that out the hard way.
      • A DART crew digging in east Plano last week accidentally unearthed the remains of a small child in the DART owned rail right-of-way near Davis Cemetery. Plano police believe the child died more than a hundred years ago and was buried without a headstone to mark the location in the historically black neighborhood.
    • Offhand, I thought Mexico would be at the top of the list, but a lot of folks from India are in well-paying technology jobs.
    • Women have it much worse than men when it comes to swimsuit problems. However, women may not realize the challenge of men finding the right pair of trucks that show a certain outline which is most noticeable when getting out of the water.
    • Amazon granted a patent that prevents in-store shoppers from online price checking
    • How Sex Is Orchestrated on Reality Shows Like Bachelor in Paradise
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, June 16, 2017

  1. Angel Sandman says:

    Keith — maybe it's a subconscious fear of not waking from the anesthesia that has you saying mother versus wife because, of course, if you didn't wake (God forbid), mom might well be your chauffeur 🙂

  2. Suzi says:

    I can't decide whether that photo is more inspiring or heartbreaking.

  3. df of ll says:

    Unfortunately, I've been put under sedation quite a few times, and I've learned to ask the nursing staff to remember what I said while I was going under and while coming back around.

    One time I threatened to burn the front yard of the Dr. doing the procedure, another time I told a different Dr. that next time, I would be doing the procedure on her to see how she liked it. I have no memory of either conversation.

    Cemetery talk….

    My wife can trace her family roots back 5 generations in 1 small cemetery north of Bowie called Hopewell.

    I, on the other hand, have relatives spread out all over the place. The only thing I know for sure is my parents will be buried next to each other in the DFW National Cemetery. They both served in the military so that qualifies both of them to be buried there.

    • Geeding says:

      From my understanding, when it comes to national cemeteries, the only way to be buried together is by vertical burial. However, since both your mother and father served, I know for sure they qualify for individual spots, but I\’m not sure if they can still be buried individually next to one another, that is, if they pass at different times. I\’m going to have to research this.

      EDIT: Found my answer: “A husband and wife are interred in the same plot unless both were Veterans. In that case, they may be buried side by side in separate plots.”

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