Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 15, 2017

  • The wife and kids are gone to visit grandparents and I was looking forward to just a little of Netflix and chill last night, but that didn’t happen. The new neighbors are a bit up there in age and I notice one of them trying to sweep a large pile of leaves, so I thought I’d go over, introduce myself, and help out with my leaf blower. I didn’t get started with the leaf blowing until three hours later, they are quite the talkers and every time I thought I had a chance to end the conversation, something new popped up. It’s hard when they start pouring their heart out when they just placed a child in rehab among other things. And then they started to tell me all about their ancestry which includes a parent of George Washington and how they are a cousin of an Oscar-nominated actor. Oh, and then they busted out the pictures. They are certainly nice, but they also have the gift of gab.
  • Study: 4-in-5 Oklahoma City students can’t read clocksA new study shows that only 1-in-10 Oklahoma City kids ages 6-12 own a watch. And only 1-in-5 know how to read it.
  • ‘The Matrix’ Reboot in the Works at Warner Bros. – Sources say there is potential interest in Michael B. Jordan to star, but much must be done before the project is ready to go. 
  • News factoid that may only interest me – Walter Cronkite’s grandson, Walter Cronkite IV, has been working for the CBS News’ DC bureau since 2011. You can follow him on Twitter at @wcronkite.
  • Texans Receive First Notices of Land Condemnation for Trump’s Border Wall
    The government offered $2,900 for 1.2 acres near the Rio Grande. If Flores chooses not to accept the offer, the land could be seized through eminent domain.
  • I like it when stuff like this happens and don’t consider it hokey – Roadtrip! Democrat, Republican embark on cross-country drive to DC amid snowstorm
    • A bipartisan pair of members of Congress set off on a road trip from San Antonio, Texas Tuesday, heading toward Washington, D.C. after they both realized their flights were canceled due to the East Coast snowstorm. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, who represents El Paso, happened to be at an event in San Antonio Monday with Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, and they decided to rent a car together and hold a live Facebook town hall during their roadtrip.
    • I want to see the next two presidential candidates take at least an eight-hour roadtrip and for it to be broadcast.
  • When the Children Crashed Dad’s BBC Interview: The Family Speaks – In their first interview, Korea expert Robert Kelly and his wife, Kim Jung-A, describe the circumstances, chaos, and global reaction to their now-infamous home-office Skype catastrophe; ‘she was in a hippity-hoppity mood’
  • My first thought was of the Schwarzenegger flick The Running Man“Wheel of Fugitive” becomes new weapon for law enforcement
  • Buzzfeed – Navy Officials Charged With Corruption Allegedly Used General MacArthur Memorabilia During A Sex Party
  • I was perusing the White House website and thought it was interesting they use internet slang.
  • This AP photo shows how different the skin tone is of President Trump face and hand.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 15, 2017

  1. Liz says:

    Netflix and chill has a different meaning than you used. Generally, it involves two people. I read Jezebel and it comes up.

    • Geeding says:

      LOL! It’s official, I’ve finally become “that” parent/adult who can’t use modern slang properly. Ah, I feel old. #GetOffMyLawn!

  2. Nathan says:

    Truman's tax return is interesting. For the fun of it, I plugged his $56,747 income in 1945 into the inflation calculator. In today's dollars, that would have been $767,986.

    Also, you might want to google "netflix and chill" and see what the phrase means 🙂

  3. Jeff says:

    how many other times have you mentioned Netflix and chill incorrectly, like watching Netflix with your kids, or the family pets. People got their eyes on you.

  4. LL crossover says:

    RE: Skin tone difference

    Trump doesn't spend much time outside, and when he does, he is playing golf and wearing a golf glove on his left hand. Seeing his right hand would be interesting.

    Actresses that play golf will wear a glove on both hands to keep their skin tone the same on each hand.

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