Burn a thousand calories laying on the sofa

The BionicGym will stimulate your leg muscles with electrical impulses which will make your heart race and sweat.

Shivering is Nature’s way to burn calories (heat) without doing anything. BionicGym trains you by stimulating your muscles to ‘shiver’. Astonishingly effective – a completely new way to train. At high intensity you’re breathless, sweating and the heart races. Or at easy levels you can burn calories even working. Invented by a doctor (who trained for a marathon with it on his couch!) and researched over 16 years, it is fully tested and proven -even in Zero-G with the European Space Agency.

Here’s the Indiegogo campaign.


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  1. Ben W. says:

    Increase your heart rate, sweat like a pig, and burn 1,000 calories without ever leaving your couch! And if you act now, we'll throw in 2 bottles of Scotch-Gard for free!! (Trust us, you're gonna need it…)

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